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June 05, 2009


Brad Jacobson

NY Times Honors Reagan by Ignoring History

Jose Chung

Color me mildly surprised of the presence of a member of the liberal intelligentsia who is NOT ADVOCATING FOR ERASING the memory of King BECAUSE he was a man of the cloth! Look at it from this perspective: how often does the secular left acknowledge the sacrifice Christians made to free the slaves?

Is it fair to say the Bloodhound now champions King and mourns the loss of his statue because of his personal detestation of the Gipper? Is that fair to say?

steve leger

No it's unfair to say that, thanks for asking.


how often does the secular left acknowledge the sacrifice Christians made to free the slaves?

The same way we regard the sacrifices of anti-slavery secularists, i suppose.

Why would there be any difference?

Matthew Levy

Anyone who knows anything about the fight against slavery acknowledges the contributions of Christians to abolitionism. There were also Christians who used the Bible to justify chattel slavery. So don't act as though the "secular left" is trying to write Christians out of the history books.


I laugh when the wingnuts call Raygun the gipper. While the real person that earned the name is forgotten Reagan wears it for doing absolutely nothing. It's fitting since the astrology worshiping, ufo loving fool's whole legacy is myth.


"NY Times Honors Reagan by Ignoring History."

Well, honoring Reagan sorta necessitates that, doesn't ?

Thanks for a good piece, especially on King - he's not well known enough.

clarence swinney

Reagan does not have--ONE--number that is great.

Comparing Democrat’s hero-CLINTON—versus Republican’s hero--REAGAN

1.JOBS—grew by 43% more under Clinton.
2.GDP---grew by 57% more under Clinton.
3.DOW—grew by 700% more under Clinton..
4.NASDAQ-grew by 18 times as much under Clinton.
5.SPENDING--grew by 28% under Clinton---80% under Reagan.
6.DEBT—grew by 43% under Clinton—187% under Reagan.
7. DEFICITS—Clinton got a large surplus--grew by 112% under Reagan.
8.NATIONAL INCOME—grew by100% more under Clinton.
9.PERSONAL INCOME—Grew by 110% more under Clinton.
10. DEFENSE BUDGETED-Clinton -2311B—Reagan-2062B (current $)
11.UNEMPLOYMENT—AVG—Clinton 5.2%--Reagan 7.6%
(I admit averaging averages can be dumb. I dumb.)
SOURCES—Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.BLS.Gov)--Economic Policy Institute (EPI.org)—Global & World Almanacs from 1980 to 2003 (annual issues)
www.the-hamster.com (chart taken from NY Times)
National Archives History on Presidents. www.nara.gov
LA Times 10-11-00 on Market--www.Find articles.com
Federal Budget.Com 2009

A vote for a Conservative is a vote for Less Success.
A vote to reduce the Standard of Living for all Americans.

Recall 1920’s and Wall Street under Conservative control?
Recall 2000-2008 and Wall Street under Conservative control?

Want more of those years?

clarence swinney

Eulogize these Facts--


Attorney General—Cabinet--two OIC investigations-no charge
Asst. Attorney General—No Charge
Secretary of Defense—Cabinet—Pardoned
Asst. Sec. Of Defense—Guilty--to Prison
Secretary of Labor—Cabinet—Not Guilty
Secretary of Interior—Cabinet—Guilty—fined
National Security Agency--Director----Cabinet—Guilty
National Security Agency--Director----Cabinet—Guilty—Pardoned
National Security Agency—Director---Cabinet---Resigned
Asst. Secretary of Navy—--Guilty—Fined
Dep. Secretary of Air Force-Guilty—Fined
Director of CIA—Cabinet—Died during investigation
Asst. Director of CIA—Guilty—Fined
Director of HUD—Cabinet--Pled Fifth
Asst. Director of HUD—Guilty
Director of Superfund—Guilty—to Prison
Director of FAA—Guilty-Fined
Director of NASA-Guilty—Fined
Special Asst to President—Guilty
Communications Director for President—Guilty
EPA Administrator—Resigned
Asst. Secretary of State—Guilty

9 Cabinet Members—


Illwind-gate (biggie)
Oval Office
Lt Colonel
S & L (folks! I think we hit the jackpot—come and get it the vaults are unguarded)
Home loan
Legal Services
Civil Rights
Product Safety
Economic Development
Synthetic Fuels
Social Security
Land Management

Haynes Johnson book “Sleepwalking”
“When The Pentagon Was For Sale”—Andy Pasztor—(awesome list of criminals). Want Earmarks. Loaded
2 books titled “Scandals”
“The Clothes Lost The Emperor”-Paul Slansky (day by day chronology of 1980’s)
“Stealing From America”—
“Landslide”-Jane Mayer & Doyle McManus

Nathan Miller book states 233 were investigated
Haynes Johnson states 138 were --charged--indicted--found guilty -- investigated

p.s.—Newt and Gang spent $110,000,000-(GAO number) on Hearings and Investigations on Clinton

IMPORTANT---ONE for $110,000,000
and ONE—

(yes 1) person working for President Clinton was Found Guilty of a Felony. Evil man took few trips to ball games , etc. No quid pro quo per OIC –Pals doing what they had done for years—take pal to events. Pled guilty for did not have finances to fight the government and Smaltzsmear. His boss fought 37 such charges and was found not guilty on each charge.

138 charged is more than grand total since 1900.

I would appreciate anyone correcting what I write. I try to be honest but do make errors.


clarence swinney

Reagan this personal record of SHAME

--------------------------RONALD REAGAN RECORDS AS FIRST---------------------------

(Peggy Noonan pay attention)

1.First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation in Peacetime
2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years
3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of gdp over eight years
4. First to double the deficit in just eigh t years
5. First to “almost”: triple the national DEBT in just eight years
6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%--over 8 years.
7. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.
8. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.
9. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.
10.First to over value the dollar to the yen at rate of 262 yen to 1 dollar.
11.First to have served as Governor and increase STATE SPENDING by 112%
12.First to have HOME LOAN INTEREST RATES as high as 16%
13. First to CUT TAXES by 60% for his rich pals
14. First to allow the SAVINGS AND LOAN INDUSTRY to be raided after signing a deregulatory bill and proclaiming “I think we have hit the jackpot”. Come and get it the vaults are unguarded.
15. First to deal with TERRORISTS
16. First to send an AUTOGRAPHED BIBLE to a man he called “The Satan of Terrorists”.
17. First to have an ADMIRAL plead the Fifth Amendment.
18. First to have a stealing, lying, gutless wife abusing MARINE LT. COLONEL plead the Fifth Amendment.
19. First to have a “sitting” CABINET MEMBER INDICTED
23. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than CUMULATIVE TOTAL OF ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS in the twentieth century
24. First to set a record for the LARGEST ONE DAY PERCENTAGE DECLINE in the DOW in history. 10-19-87
25. First to have over $10,000,000 INCREASE IN WEALTH from serving for 8 years as president.
26. First to testify ”under oath” 130 times that ”I DON’T REMEMBER” .
27. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory testify 128 times “ I DON’T REMEMBER”.
28. First to undergo BRAIN SURGERY a few months after leaving office. No pain no gain.
29. First to, repeatedly, FALSIFY HIS WIFE’S AGE. As tho anyone cared.
30. First to promote his religious faith and never have an ACTIVE CHURCH MEMBERSHIP.
31. First to never use the term JESUS CHRIST in speeches.
32. First to seek GUIDANCE FROM THE STARS not from God
33. First to have had a SHOTGUN WEDDING.
34. First to have worked as a SHILL in Las Vegas.
35. First to call a Stealing, Lying, Psychotic, wife abusing Marine a “LIAR.
36. First to have been OPENLY ALIENATED from his children.
37. First To have served with ALZHIMERS
38. First to have UNEMPLOYMENT AT 10.8% since great depression.
39. First to attack a small unprotected nation with 88,000 inhabitants and 10,000 bb guns then PROCLAIM -“America stands tall again”— “we have whipped the Vietnam Syndrome”-we have defeated communism”. Gosh! What if we had whipped Cyprus?.
43. #1-In Percent increase in PERSONAL BANKRUPTCIES
44. #1-In recorded MISSTATEMENTS
45. #1-In never having a single press conference in which he did not make at least one or more INCORRECT STATEMENTS.
46. #1-In needing a staff person standby during press conferences to tell the press “WHAT HE REALLY MEANT”.
47. #1-In having SERVICEMEN KILLED during peacetime.
48. #1-In largest DROP IN POPULARITY in one week.
49. #1-In being first to HONOR NAZI STORM TROOPERS by calling them” Innocent Victims”
50. #1-In being first to be labeled “BRAIN DEAD AFFABLE DUNCE’ by this writer.
51. First to lie-over and over-to reporters “I DO NOT DYE MY HAIR my barber uses a special shampoo”
52. First to have a wife who ”forced” him to WEAR THREE SUITS in one day
53. First to boast “Not bad for a DUMB GUY who worked only 20 hours per week”.
54. First to have his wife sit nearby and WHISPER ANSWERS to questions
55. First to FALL ASLEEP while the Pope spoke
56. First to invite the Pope to visit the White House and “BRING THE WIFE AND KIDS”
57. First to have his press secretary remove him from the microphone because he could not answer questions. Then, as the reporter
yelled out “answer my question” he replied “MY HANDLERS WON’T LET ME SPEAK”. Quick get the white coat.
58. First 20th Century president to have historians RATE HIM BELOW every president of the 20th except for Richard Nixon. 1994 Poll.
59. First to give us a First Lady with a past reputation for giving the BEST BJ in Hollywood.
60. First to suggest his eldest son undergo PSYCHIATRIC examination
61. First to have been voted in British polls (twice) as the ”MOST FEARED LEADER IN THE WORLD” sic em Rambo.

62. First to serve as Governor on a ”conservative” platform and INCREASE SPENDING BY 112%.
63. First Governor TO INCREASE personal income taxes by 60%, tax increase on cigarettes by 200%, state tax collections by 152%.
64. First Californian Governor to INCREASE TAXES BY ONE BILLION in one year.1967.
65. First to have a Special Assistant say on national TV “sometimes you had to HIT HIM ON THE HEAD with a 2 x 4 to get his attention”
66. First to have his official biographer state on national TV ‘After he was shot in 1981he GOT SLOWER AND SLOWER EACH YEAR. His speech got slower. He deliberated more and he hesitated more when he spoke. He lost his physical quickness and would not make decisions on the spot. It was a very, very slow and steady mental and physical decline”.
67. First to have a POPULARITY RATING OF ONLY 35% after his first two years in office.
68. First president to have been DIVORCED
69. First president to have the Geriatrics Department of a major
university study his behavior and conclude that AFTER THREE YEARS IN OFFICE HE HAD ALZHIMERS.
70. First president to have been known to, before presidency, SHACK UP with the love of his life while his wife was in the hospital giving birth to their first child.
71. First president to have applied for PERMANENT DEFERMENT from the Draft.
72. First to increase CORPORATE TAX RATE from 46% to 51% in 1986.
73. first to replace strict regulator volcker with non regulator greenspan and create recessions in 1991-1992-1992-2007-2008-2009 plus big market crash 10-19-07

------------------------------------ THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE----------------------


clarence swinney


GDP--rose from 6300 to 11,600
NATIONAL INCOME-5,000 to 8,000 Billion--took 20 years to grow 2500B before Clinton
JOBS CREATED--over 22 million--record by far
AVERAGE WEEKLY HOURS WORKED--never hit 35.0--hit that mark 4 times in 80's
UNEMPLOYMENT--from 7.2% down down down to 3.9%
MINIMUM WAGE--$4.25 to $5.15
MINORITIES--did exceedingly well
HOME OWNERSHIP--hit all time high
DEFICIT--290 Billion to whoopee a SURPLUS
DEBT----+28%---300% increase over prior12 years
FEDERAL SPENDING--+28%---80% under Reagan- who da true conservative?
DOW JONES AVERAGE--3,500 to 11,800 all it's history to get to 3500 and Clinton zooms it
NASDAQ--700 to 5,000---all of it's history to get to 700 and Clinton zooms it
VALUES INDEXES-- almost all bad went down--good went up in zoom zoom zoom
FOREIGN AFFAIRS--Peace on Earth good will toward each other---Mark of a true Christian--what has Bush done to Peace on Earth?
POPULARITY---highest poll ratings in history during peacetime in AFRICA, ASIA AND EUROPE even 98.5% in Moscow--left office with highest gallup rating since it was started in 1920's.
STAND UP FOR JUSTICE--evil conservatives spent $110,000,000 on hearings and investigations and caught--- ONE--- very evil man who took a few plane rides to events.
BOW YOUR HEADS--Thank you God for sending us a man of Bill Clinton's character, intelligence, knowledge of governance, ability to face up to crises without whimpering and a great leader of the world.


clarence swinney

want information try these

Clarence Swinney has been a political research historian since 1991 of Reagan-Clinton-Bush II administrations.

Some articles can be read by a Google

Clarence swinney +

52 Great accomplishments by Democrats(how great middle class was formed)
Democrats create wealth and jobs
Praise Clinton—show a greater record
Clinton vs Reagan—wipe out
Clinton terrorism—best record of any president
Carter vs Reagan
Bush Waffles—tell me he was not a loon
Bush Lies—trust him
Identify a Conservative
Reagan Scandals-more charged in 8 than prior 80
Reagan Firsts—ouch-bad bad bad boy
Tax & Spend:
Liberal =pay their way=democrats way
Conservatives=spend + borrow=let kids pay tomorrow=republican way

First 15 pages(150 articles) on google is all needed for after that you get repetitions

Author-Lifeaholic-success by working for a Life not just a Living
To be used for dvd and speeches to democratic audiences in an OBAMAFEST coming soon
First term: Clinton vs Reagan
Scumbag Xpress—how to waste 100M in a failed effort to destroy an administration

short bio at google : clarence swinney + bush lies

clarence swinney


1980 to 2007

18 years Conservative Senate
12 years Conservative House
6 years Total Conservative Control

Redistribution of Wealth to top 20%.

Folk! It is downhill slide for Middle Class.

FACTS---numbers rounded-

1946--1% owned 30% of Total Wealth

1980—20%--a 33% decline due to Estate Tax and High Top Income Tax Rate.

thence cometh conservatism


80% Increase in 8 years of Reaganism


2007--20% owned 93% of Total non home Financial Wealth

80% owned equity in homes.

Most major corporations are owned by WALL STREET RICH MEN CASINO

In 1945, corporations paid 35.4% of federal revenues and 7.4% in 2003

In 2000, 45% of corporations with revenue over 50 million paid no federal tax

Five Wall Street Banks own 75% of all Bank Deposits in America. 5.

Two own 20%.

Think that is not POWER???


In 8 years of Bush with 6 years of Total Control

They (wall street rich) created a Net New Jobs of 3000 per month.

Why? That is NET. You take the new jobs created and subtract the ones sent to China, etc

3000! Wow!

Bush took over after Clinton had created 237,000 Net New Jobs per month.

Clinton left Bush a spending of 1830 B Per Year.

Bush doubled it to 3600 B.

Bush inherited a 5700B Debt from Clinton. He took it to 11,500B

20 years of 3 conservative presidents did this horrible thing.

Took the Debt of less than 1000B after 200 years and added on 8000B.

In 2009 they are spinning big time to blame Obama for huge debt.

Conservatives will spend millions to coverup their Big Recession.

Much of that 8000B Debt add-on went to WALL STREET GAMBLERS.

The people do not know what has happened to them.

Forbes list of 400 Richest reveals how many became Billionaires via corporate
takeovers and Hedge Gambling

Right Wingers yell Rich Pay most of taxes.

Income Taxes!Yes! They have most of the money.

Yet! Conservatives transferred much of taxation from Rich to Middle Class. Reagan voiding REVENUE SHARING a disaster for Middle Class where taxes were transferred from Rich Income taxes to Middle Class in State and Local Taxes. Was it by design?

Was it a Designed Act of taxation transfer by Conservatives.

In 2008 the Middle Class paid 30% of nominal Income in Federal-State-Local Taxes.
Top 10% paid 30% also. Progressive tax system?

Social Security Tax Increase in 1983 was it designed to hit the Middle Class and ease on the rich?

Greenspan + Reagan. 6.2% Tax on Middle Class. One earns $50,000 pays 6.2%. Earns $1,000,00 pays 6.4%. Earns $10,000,000 pays 1/10th of 1%. By design to keep rich rich?

Was Destruction of S&Ls a deliberate act of wealth transfer from 400 local investors to individual Rich on Wall Street?

Key actor Michael Milken became a Multiple Billionaire with income of 550 Million in one year from raiding S&L deposits (plus) for his Rich Corporate Raiders on Wall Street.

Raiders like Perelman and Ichan became multiple Billionaires.
Sweat of Brow? Ho Ho.

Bush I had to borrow 140 Billion on 40 year bonds to pay for the raids on S&L's by Wall Streeters.
140B creates many Billionaires and Millionaires. Depositors money was used by those Corporate Raiders and bankrupted the S&L then the government pay off to depositors by Federal Deposit Insurance created Debt for Middle Class.


Same ideology gave us Great Depression now Great Recession.

It is not a Depression due to:

Democratic Social Safety Nets such as
Social Security and Medicare

Only the uninformed vote to send conservatives to Washington.

Some type of Revolt will take place in next decade.

Democrats will continue to allow Conservatives with their huge right wing talk shows spreading lies to blame them.

Democrats need a national Megaphone informing all the people as to what has been done and how they have been RAPED by a few million RICH on Wall Street who have taken their Wealth.

I ask one thing.

PROVE ME WRONG. With numbers and facts not usual vile name calling

author-Lifeaholic-Workaholic to Lifeaholic success
All American Party-How Democrats created a great successful Middle Class and how Conservatives are determined to destroy it

Conservative to Rape The Middle Class

clarence swinney

7000 Miles away scares me
How can anyone use "protecting America?
Third poorest nation on earth.
No planes no missiles
Total 100,000 troops 100,000 contractors vs 30,00 Taliban.

We are being suckered



first president to be divorced?
who gives a fuck, nobody needs these stats, they devalue the truth without putting anything in the right context, and i'm no reagan supporter but that was bullshit

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donne russe

The same way we regard the sacrifices of anti-slavery secularists, i suppose.

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