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June 24, 2009


Brad Jacobson

CNN's Iran Timeline Omits US-Backed '53 Coup


Shows the weakness that permeates on the television media.


Down the memory hole. A joke.

C. Lee

CNN is only taking its cue from Brigadier General Mark O. Schissler, USAF, Deputy Director for the War on Terrorism under Bush II. Went to his powerpoint presentation(natch - and a source of visual assault in its own right)in Houston and his timeline starts in 1979 as well. Challenged his omission of any reference to the US funded coup in 1953 but he didn't seem bothered: He knows we are a culture of historical amnesiacs.

Brad Jacobson

C, nice catch. You're correct. Here's the link to that PowerPoint:,+USAF,+Deputy+Director+for+the+War+on+Terrorism+under+Bush+II+PowerPoint+presentation&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us


In light of the '53 coup, the current media focus on Iran seems almost sinister... since lots of countries (including the US!) have contested elections, why the spotlight on Iran? Maybe the CIA thinks it's just about time for another coup to overthrow the '79 revolution. The Iranian people are incredibly resilient and strong — the US should leave them alone to sort out their own problems.

Matthew Levy

This reminds me of a Monty Python sketch in which violence was covered up by a black screen which read "Scene Missing."

Also included in the selective amnesia is the fact that Kermit Roosevelt, son of TR, was instrumental in bringing about the 53 coup.

Helga Fremlin

Reminds me of a timeline re the Democratic Republic of Congo published a while ago in Melbourne's broadsheet. They completely 'overlooked' Lumumba who was of course assassinated in a coup which was sponsored by the CIA, among others, and replaced by Mobutu.


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The Iranian people are incredibly resilient and strong — the US should leave them alone to sort out their own problems.

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