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March 30, 2009


Brad Jacobson

Howard Kurtz's Octomom Hypocrisy


Well, that's one more. Good detail. I've written several posts on Kurtz, who I used to read regularly. I think he actually believes he's even-handed, but he leans conservative and consistently adopts right-wing framing and parrots their charges. He sucks up to media figures – Bob Somerby's series on Kurtz covering Brian Williams is especially good at demonstrating this. Occasionally he gets something right, and in some older pieces he's actually quite good. but he constantly traffics in false equivalencies. He'll run with some right-wing smear days after it's already been debunked on leading liberal sites. He refuses to acknowledge how many of the right-wingers he features are inaccurate (and nasty). He still pretends violent rhetoric isn't common on the right, as it is not on the left – and has actually scolded liberal sites for being mean instead. Basically, if Malkin runs it, it'll appear in Kurtz' column. He took a long time and pulled all his punches responding to Malkin and her the rightwing crusade against Graeme Frost, his profile on her ignored her inaccurate "scholarship" on Japanese-American internment camps, he's claimed we're "winning" in Iraq, he parroted charges Obama was presumptuous and that Obama created the flag pin "controversy" himself (months after that was debunked), and has repeated Karl Rove charges days or weeks after they've been debunked. He's an establishment guy first and foremost, but conservative on top of that. (BTW, David Ehrenstein's piece, linked along with yours at MBR, is also a good read.)

Brad Jacobson

As usual, you're dead-on, Batocchio: "Occasionally he gets something right, and in some older pieces he's actually quite good. but he constantly traffics in false equivalencies."

I was actually right in the middle of posting an update to this post, pointing to David's and also Eric Bohlert's over at Media Matter's County Fair, who has a post on Kurtz today too. Appreciate the tip all the same and thanks for your thoughts above.

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