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February 27, 2009


Brad Jacobson

Woodruff Parrots GOP Talking Points to WH Budget Dir


Big spending is only bad when Democrats do it.


"And they're saying, what's the incentive going to be, then, for these people to grow their companies and hire and create jobs?"

Um, economic survival in a competitive business climate? Or doesn't capitalism work anymore?

Brad Jacobson

Good point. That question was pretty baffling.


That's a great point, barfly, and one of several should-be-obvious ones the "Go Galt" crowd completely miss - although I'm all for them to go away.

Ron Russell

She was a parrot on CNN, before her show got canceled. I forget it's name, but it was followed by another golden oldie, Cross Fire. Back then, she had social interactions with Republicans who mocked her "challenged" son and I'm kind compared to how they phrased it.

Yet she continued and continues to do their dirty work.

Once a GOP shill, always a GOP shill. They own her.

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