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January 07, 2009


Brad Jacobson

AP Reporter's Tough Gaza Questions Disappeared

Christopher Flynn

So what do you expect from this administration??? It never has told the truth and never will...The ideals of America, truth and justice. are a joke.


It certainly looks like MCCORMACK was trying to stress that he thinks that getting a temp cease fire now, and then a permanent one in a few days would cause more deaths than having no cease-fire now, and a permanent one in a few days, and I just don't believe it.

I highly doubt that getting the quick, temp cease fire would cause more deaths overall (Israeli and Gazan) than not getting one. Sure, it may give Hamas time to regroup and fire one or two rockets more into Israel (if they chose to break the cease fire) that MAY kill a civilian, but it'd save perhaps dozens more Gazan lives by cease firing.

We're asking Israel to maybe, MAYBE, lose one civilian to a broken cease-fire, in exchange for not killing more Gazans, and they are just not willing to do that.


Good catch. David Gregory occasionally asked fairly tough questions, but would offer milquetoast reports. In Lee's case, given that this is the AP, I suspect editorial interference is the main problem.


That's pretty abysmal, even from the AP.


Has anyone asked Lee if the story he filed contained any of this Q & A? In other words do we know for sure who dropped it from the story, Lee or the "editors"? I'd sure like to know.


yesterday I watched as the world media reported on the Israeli bombing of the UN school throughout the day...throughout the day the us headlines changed and the story began to include something like 'residents admitted miltants were in the area by later afternoon.' listening to 1010 wins radio that night the story was read something like 'israel was forced to return fire after miltants fired on troops from a un school. dozens were killed.

Meanwhile in another news story John Ging, Gaza director for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said he visited the school, where he was "reassured by my own staff [there] that there were no militants in the schools.

I was appalled by how 1010 wins had presented this story - even the number of killed was changed from over 40 to the more palatable 'dozens' to make israel seems less accountable. seriously, wtf?


it's interesting to note that no other reporters present there picked up on teh line of questioning or chose to report on any aspect of the exchange.

also, it is possible that lee included somethin in his report, that his editors nixed.

Horrible Calculus

No ceasefire will be approved unless it is brokered by Abbas.

The unspoken endpoint here is forcing Hamas to share power with Fatah in Gaza.

Just wait for (the mostly silent) Tony Blair to 'stand up' to the US and ask us to consider Abbas' peacemaking overtures. The US will then 'twist' Israel's arm and end the incursion.

But in the meantime, Hamas and the Gazan victims must be so thoroughly desperate that they'll welcome assistance from Fatah - and McCormack signals the US will wait until that point - the point when Hamas blinks.

bob in SLC

Typical corporate news filtering, somewhere AIPAC is laughing at the US and the world. Frankly if Israel wants to be the Nazis of the 21st century I say let them but don't my US tax dollars or the time of the US congress supporting them.

If the US support of Israel was withdrawn and Israel had to deal with its neighbors on its own, lasting peace or all out war would be almost immediate. In either case the situation would be resolved for the long term.




Muslim CANADIAN CONGRESS condemned Hamas for treating the Palestinian people as human-bait in a ploy to provoke Israel into launching an all-out attack on Gaza. In censuring Hamas, the MCC said, the Islamist group had deliberately put the civilian population of Gaza in danger as it played the role of Iran's agent provocateur in the region.

The MCC believes Hamas deliberately rocketed Israel in an attempt to provoke an Israeli response. The fact that Hamas did not fire a single rocket at Egypt, despite that country's blockade of Gaza, clearly demonstrates the attacks on Israel were not to protest the blockade, but to trigger a military response.

Instead of working towards a two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian State, Hamas has done everything in its power to undermine the authority of President Mahmoud Abbas and sabotage the peace process. No other national liberation movement in modern history has offered martyrdom as a substitute to freedom and statehood. Hamas has set back the clock for the Palestinians and it is time for all Palestinians to recognize that Hamas offers only death, destruction and a place in Paradise, not a Palestinian State

Paul Krolowitz

The main gist of McCormicks response was the goal of a "sustainable and durable cease fire", that goal was correctly reported in the peice. Lee's desire for an immediate cease fire regardless if it be "sustainable and durable" is not the administrations goal, and is therefore to be left to an opinion piece.
Everyone should be aware by now that when viewed tactically, the GAZA war is a mistake for the Israeli's, the US, and the Gazan's. However strategically viewed, whereby the coming conflict over Iranian attainment of nuclear strength is considered, this Gazan war is the first battle. In war, the first deaths are considered tragic, before long they are forgotten as the death toll overwelmingly climbs. Unfortunately, the fable that there are "no winners in war", is just that, a fable. There are winners, those that are left to live life.


"MCCORMACK: You know, again, you’re viewing it through a particular – you know, the particular prism of somehow the United States is offering some sort of counsel about Israeli military operations. We are not.
LEE: No, no, no.
MCCORMACK: Our interest is in bringing about a durable, sustainable ceasefire so that the – what you have after conflict has ended is better than what you had before conflict began. Yeah."

Lee probably suspects that the "durable, sustainable ceasefire" excuse is to allow Israel to kill as many people as possible in revenge for the few deaths that Hamas has caused.

It sounds exactly like "Dick Cheney" foreign policy. Problem is that it is counter productive and based upon a childish, narrow view of the world and life in general. In this case, it is fed by a variety of factors.

1. The longstanding concern for the lives of Jews that many of us have because of the Holocaust.

This is being squandered to a certain extent. For some people it is gone entirely.

2. The cold war's few hot battles were fought between the Israelis and the Arabs with the U.S. and USSR sponsoring the opposing sides.

The cold war is over though the current administration seems intent on restarting it if they can. President Bush even admitted as much privately. Republicans do better when there is an external threat to cow some of the population into accepting their otherwise unacceptable policies.

3. Money - AIPAC bribes congress and tries to control the news as much as possible. A bribe isn't necessary for many of the Democrats, just the threat of appearing "weak" on foreign policy.

This will likely lead the U.S. to not actually change their foreign policy much under Obama and will probably lead to further terrorist attacks in the U.S. Also, it will lead to failure to reign in spending because the military will still be spending billions in the middle east and U.S. military spending, in general, will not decrease. Under Clinton, we had a chance to reduce the deficit with limited cutting of the military budget. Now, that is not possible. The military needs to get out of the middle east and the Air Force and Navy need considerable reductions in size. Whether wise of not, these have become necessities. While I advocate closing most military bases abroad, I agree that it may not be always wise but it is definitely necessary. I might also add that the U.S. military is probably not the best advocate for the United States in foreign countries. Even wealthy Republicans will agree or they may lose everything as the dollar drops in value and their U.S. holdings become worth less and less.


The only media I see calling the media out on their pro-Israel bias is the Daily Show. The rest of the US media seems to be in-the-pocket of Israel. Why is this? I hope they don't think for one minute that we Americans are so stupid as to buy their line - their refusal to discuss the Gaza situation objectively.


This is how much of the US population is kept on the ideological reservation. AP goes into all the small town newspapers that can't afford their own writers and reporters. Controlling AP output is a huge lever on "mainstream" political consciousness

Brian Bradley

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