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October 31, 2008


Brad Jacobson

My Report at Raw Story on CO USA and 'Obama Plot'

Limp-Dick Blimpaugh

If this was McInsane being threatened the Reslug prosecutors would be all over this. Then again smells like the Reslugs may have had been involved in the plot. Reslugs are just so transparent in their personal biases, bigotry and not caring or forcing the laws on the books for certain criminals.


Good digging!

The Oracle

Republicans have become a danger to our democracy, our children and even to themselves.

A corrupt Republican U.S. Attorney in Colorado refuses to prosecute some right-wing, meth-head, skin-heads for plotting to assassinate a presidential candidate...while at the same time the FBI under a corrupt Republican U.S. Attorney General launches a purely-partisan pre-election investigation into ACORN over alleged voter registration irregularities, even though ACORN, by law, must turn in all voter registrations, even suspect ones that ACORN flags, to public election officials.

The scum has definitely risen to the top of the Republican Party, with a bunch of Republican scoundrels having severely damaged our democracy over the past eight years.

An example of Republican "priorities," placing the Republican Party and their hardcore, right-wing agenda first...and our country (and Constitution) last.

The list goes on and on and on.

9/11 attacks: The incoming Bush administration completely blows off outgoing Clinton administration warnings about the al Qaeda threat. Bush Republican Attorney General John Ashcroft even downgrades the al Qaeda threat on his list of "priorities," elevating the national "threat" from pornographers, prostitutes and druggies over the al Qaeda threat. Right-wing religious fundamentalists attack America on 9/11, killing thousands of U.S. citizens.

Lethal Anthrax attack: (within weeks of 9/11): A right-winger mails deadly, weaponized anthrax to liberal U.S. Senators. Seven years later, this case still remains unsolved. Following the lethal mailing, hundreds of thousands of copy-cat, non-lethal mailings have ensued, with over 99 percent being sent to liberal individuals and organizations. (CNN reported in December 2001 that the FBI at that time was conducting 15,000+ investigations into domestic terrorist mailings). Along with the lethal anthrax mailing, we haven't heard much in seven years about all the right-wing copy-cat domestic terrorist mailings, have we?

Iraq War: Purely Republican partisan war, started with the intent of shifting hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars overseas (and to domestic crony Republican companies) while shortchanging domestic programs that directly benefit all U.S. taxpayers.

Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Ike: Purely Republican partisan response, with the Bush-controlled DHS and FEMA deliberately withholding federal disaster relief after New Orleans flooded (to score political points against the Democratic governor of Louisiana and the Democratic mayor of New Orleans), with the post-devastation Republican Gulf Coast Recovery policy being to shift hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to crony Republican companies, through no-bid contracts and hardly any oversight, wasting a whole lot of taxpayer money in the process (just like over in Iraq).

Wall Street financial meltdown: Same corrupt Republican response as in Iraq War and following recent hurricanes, with the goal not being to solve the crisis, but to direct truckloads of taxpayer dollars into the hands of crony Republicans, with the most corrupt use of taxpayer money being Paulson's plan to allow larger U.S. banks to buy up smaller U.S. banks to consolidate even more power (and money) in the hands of the few, the elitists, the ones responsible for the Wall Street meltdown in the first place.

Do you see a pattern forming?


Are you people serious?! Wow...

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