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October 27, 2008


Brad Jacobson

Prop Comic Gallagher Replaces Top McCain Strategist


The sad thing is, you can see them trying it. It's been one stunt after another.

And while Gallagher is a Democrat, he sorta needs the work.

Brad Jacobson

Gallagher is actually an Independent. Well, that's what he ran as during the 2003 CA Recall Election, anyway. Oh, and Gary "Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?" Coleman received 10,000 more votes than Gallagher. Of course, the Terminator won.

Yakov Smirnov

I was in running for this job until very last moment. I have much better career. I am best for calling Obama communist. How dare he choose fruit-smasher ahead of me? Vat a country!

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