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June 17, 2008


Brad Jacobson

Something Else to Learn from Tim Russert's Death

jack fate



Remember JFK JR? Apparently we REALLY loved him.Our mourning went on in the media for weeks.Tim Russert was merely a blip on the screen .


Quote: "Whatever issues people had with Tim Russert's political coverage during the George W. Bush years (and I and many others outside the Beltway intelligentsia had many)".

I am sorry to hear that!. I think, the comment above has not done justice to Tim Russert's reputation. Also, the apparent point of the article is lost in so many words. I think writer could have used only his last paragraph to say what he wanted to say.

I may be inclined to unsubscribe if I see such useless critique on really non issues again.

Brad Jacobson

So the senseless and blind slaughter of innocent civilians (over 1.2 million Iraqis according to the last Opinion Research Business study), 4,098 US soldiers dying in a war of choice, and thousands of Americans who die needlessly each year because of lack of health insurance are non-issues for you? That our culture, spurred on by our corporate media, accepts such deaths with near total disregard, as if their lives are less important than mine or yours or Tim Russert's? Sorry to waste your time, Pragmatist.


I agree with Brad Jacobson. Why do we see one life as being worthy of such a display of public mourning? ALL lives should be awarded the respect they deserve. I was a die-hard Meet The Press watcher-rarely missed it. And I have nothing but respect for Tim Russert,even though I frequently disagreed with how soft he was on some of his guests.But, he was simply a man, doing his job, and taking care of his family. America, indeed, the world, is full of such men and women.Yet even the heroes in this world do not get the days upon days of public eulogizing that Mr.Russert has gotten.
ALL lives have such worth, whether a person is a war hero, a movie star, a grocery clerk, or a homeless person on the street- or the innocent victim of a war built on lies.We do not see public eulogies of the children who die in some foreign land,be it from war or disease, or starvation.
And how many of us here in America- probably the richest nation on Earth, will lose a dear loved one because of lack of proper medical care? Will they recieve such an outpouring of admiration from a nation?
Tim Russert had a good life, no doubt about that. He lived his dream, and never lost sight of how blessed he was.But, every human life has equal value,and I believe it's time we all begin to believe that, and begin treating each other with the same respect we're so willing to hand out to anyone whose face we see on the television.

Craig R. Lane

Pragmatist=Moron. Too many words, huh??? Good lord where do you freaks of nature come from. A man's FALSIFIED, BUILT-UP, AND BOGUS reputation of being a champion of the fourth estate, (far from the actual deeds of a political hack who was a shill for corporate media, General Electric, or lets call it what it is okay? THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, right???), is more important to this fool "pragmatist" than what is actually happening in the world. Not to mention the FACT that it was TIM RUSSERT AND HIS MSM BUDDIES THAT ARE ALL AS GUILTY OF MURDER AND WAR CRIMES AS THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION THAT THEY HELPED. Great Dad, Great Reporter, PAID FOR ENABLER OF GENOCIDE is more the truth than any of you pussies are ready to accept. Welcome to corporate sponsored/media perpetuated WAR WITHOUT END. Your children and grand-children are the only cost. NICE!!!!!! Yeah @##hole, go ahead and cancel your "subscription".


The airtime and reverence accorded Tim Russert, who at most was family and friend to hundreds--not millions--of people, is more about television and its ability to transfix us, stroke our egos, prompt us like puppies, and get its reward: our bewitched attention to its icons and agendas. TV cries, we cry.

I tend to agree with Shadeaux, ec-tually. Outside the blue screen, I don't know me no Tim Russert. What he write?


Every news type person reads a teleprompter and refers to a stack of papers in front of them which is an outline of their broadcasts. Those outlines are written by the writers who are under the control of producers/directors. The producers/directors are beholding to their corporate masters.

Discussion broadcasts do not stem purely from the brilliance of the moderator. That's not to say that Tim was not a smart person. In my opinion, Russert was very good at delivering the messages of his corporate masters through his moderating style.

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