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May 20, 2008


Brad Jacobson

It's Time for Chris Matthews to Play Hardball Every Day

ellie's mom

I think the Media sees the wind is shifting direction. That's all. If the Republicans were in a position to stay in power nothing would change with the way the news is covered. Also, let's not forget Matthews wants to be a Senator....has to up his credability with the left.


Matthews at his best calls bullshit, but he does it too rarely. He's honestly not that bright or perceptive, and a loose cannon. When he knows his stuff and takes umbrage, he's great. But sadly, such moments are pretty rare.


It would be nice if CM started a list of appeasers and why a person makes the list.


i think the media's shifting "left." if you watch fox news or the o'reilly factor (swallow the pain, it's enlightening at times) you'll see them covering the democratic nomination process more than that of the republicans. that's a shallow unspoken attempt to acknowledge that they were "wrong" and that now they know 'what's up.' but they're still going about the usual bullshit.


This story reminds me of Bob Woodward's comment from one of his Bush administration books (at least I think it was from Woodward). Apparently any time the administration wanted to get out a new policy proposal or some new talking points, Cheney wanted to go on Meet the Press. Given Dick's penchant for lying and secrecy, he wouldn't want to face down Tim Russert if Cheney thought Russert would actually ask tough questions. Cheney likes MTP because he knows Russert will feed him 30 minutes of puffballs. So it is most of the time with Chris Matthews, unfortunately. Both he and Russert have much more bullish reputations than either deserves.


The problem is... too many so-called "journalists" are actually just overpaid court jesters.

They attend cocktail parties and white tie events, schmooze with "sources" and agree to keep things "on background" even after the fact; all because they labor under the delusion that establishing cozy relationships is going to get them more information.

In fact, all it gets them is more DISinformation, which corporate media "journalists" dutifully repeat as though it were gospel, without any further investigation or follow up. But at least they get their pictures taken with Washington bigwigs.

Kevin James is that he is an ignorant know nothing who DOES NOT WANT to know anything -- note how this empty vessel kept talking even as Matthews and Green were trying to explain who Chamberlain was and what "appeasement" is. The tragedy is that this "blank slate" (boy did CM nail him and Perino on that score) HAS A MICROPHONE and daily access to 10s of thousands of people, to whom he can spew Rush's ignorant talking points, unchallenged.

I wish to HELL the tools in the corporate media would take them on all the time.

Remember, Reagan's FIRST official act was to abolish the Fairness Doctrine and pave the way for monopolistic media holdings across the board.

It's been completely downhill since then for the Fourth Estate.


Posted by: Brad Jacobson | May 20, 2008 at 10:22 PM
I think the Media sees the wind is shifting direction. That's all.

Yep. Tweety twitters at low-level contard blowhard to fake libcred...
It's always all about Tweety on Softballs...the Tyra Banks of polipundies.

Tweety + twittertotter = Twatter



Yes, this will be used as evidence of "questioning the Republican elite". Actually, this is just the warm up for constant attacks against the soon-to-be Democratic government. Soon they'll be back to hounding the Democrats when they are in power, to decrease their effectiveness.


Chris Matthews has multiple personality disorder.

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