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April 25, 2008


Brad Jacobson

McCain Targets "Sadrists" Stewart and Colbert

Craig R. Lane

Edited by site owner. Sorry, no incitements to violence allowed here.


"SATIRISTS, Sen. McCain ... not SADRISTS; humorists in America, not followers of a cleric in Iraq. SAT-IR-ISTS".

"Ooooooh, that's very different. Never mind".

Grandpa McCain is a wonderful reminder of those glorious bygone days of Saturday Night Live. Pure comedy gold, he is.

Also ... which of the TEN appearances on The Daily Show does he think was a mistake?

John Q

Of course, Jon Stewart has never attacked our troops - just the morons who put thm in harm's way for no good reason.

Can't wait to see the Daily Show take on this particular piece of foolishness!


John McSame is a reminder of alzheimers and ronald regan. Isn't a pretty picture

Big Al

I hope this is humor. Right?


The thing is, this is the attitude of authoritarian conservatives... ;-)


Where are your sources?

I cannot find any reference to this post except other blogs with the same story and no sources. Please list your sources so I can forward this to those who would think McCain a thoughtful legislator.

Brad Jacobson

Steve, it's satire. The Wounded-Courier on MBH is satire. It's tagged "satire" and "political satire" at the bottom of the post. Sorry for the confusion. Sometimes The Wounded-Courier pieces cut pretty close to the bone and people get confused. Don't feel bad. That's just a reflection on the state of our country right now. Cheers.


OH! Thanks for the correction. Also, darn... ;-)

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