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April 29, 2008


Brad Jacobson

Miley Cyrus Trumps Voter ID Ruling on NBC Nightly News; On Same Day, NBC Anchor Slammed NYT's Fluff

Anacher Forester

This does not surprise me. After all, Brian Williams is a long-time hardcore Republican.


Denny Wilkins

Well said. On the rarely bright side, CNN's Wolf Blitzer gave Sen. Obama nearly 2 minutes of uninterrupted air Tuesday night to explain his grievances with Rev. Wright.

Then again, that 2 minutes was reduced to 15 seconds when American Morning aired Wednesday.

I appreciate the time you put into your work. It makes it credible.


It seems like the supreme court is picking our president for us. Like they were so kind to do, in 2000.


Since I am inroute during the nightly news broadcasts, I am unable to see this sad bit of vainglorious media manipulation, and I appreciate having eyes and ears out there for me. Edward R Murrow - as noted before, most surely - must be butting his head against his grave stone.

Thank you.

Miley Fan

No real surprise here. Bogus controversies like Miley Cyrus pictures just captivates the public more than actual news ever will.

celebrity movie archive

Trump promoting Miley Cyrus? Seems yes.

miley cyrus hannah montana

People love celebs like miley cyrus. she keeps them away from all the bad news

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