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March 31, 2008


Brad Jacobson

NYT Iraq War Timeline Whitewashes History
(Part II: Record Day of Global Protest Disappeared)


Great series. Keep 'em coming.

Ghost of Joe Liebling's Dog

Roughly half a million people gathered in New York City alone.
I guess somehow the New York Times missed this. Maybe they were being the Athabasca Times that day and their archives got mixed up.


The protest was historic in several ways: It was world-wide, it was huge, and it was before the war actually began. Here in Portland, Oregon there were protesters flooding the streets as far as the eye could see. The U.S press downplayed the significance of this, and generally the blogosphere did too. Even liberal bloggers tended to look down on demonstrations as an unseemly, outmoded form of political activity, and it wasn't long after this that Kos informed us that there is no peace movement. The United States of Amnesia.

Martin Wisse

It's saddening, but not surprising that the NYT wants to falsify history in this way; it is and has always been a courtier to power and in 2003 it was decidedly pro-war. Now it just wants to pretend "everybody" was always in favour of the war and misled by the Bush lies so its own role in perpetuating these lies is minimised.

Thanks for doing this series.

Ghost of Joe Liebling's Dog

... which reminds me ... I wonder how the Times's "credibility project" is doing? It's been a couple of years since I heard anything about it.

Ghost of Joe Liebling's Dog

Seriously, 500,000 people is about a third of the population of Manhattan. A third of the population takes to the streets ... Could the New York Times editors and writers have just somehow not noticed it happening?

They are Professional Journalists™, after all.

Brad Jacobson

500,000 in NYC is certainly an historic antiwar protest. But thought you should know it's actually far from a third of Manhattan's population. Over 8 million people live in NYC.


Manhattan's not NYC; all five boroughs are NYC. The Times is still part of the Mighty Wurlitzer, and they have an obligation to the elites they serve.


Having been present at the Feb. 15th demonstration on Manhattan's First Avenue, the count of 500,000 participants seems rather low. We got there around 11:30 AM and, if memory serves me correctly, wound up on the upper 70s. The entire East Side was paralyzed wall to wall with protesters. Going back close to 40 years, I had never witnessed such a high turnout. The hostility of the NY Print Media was evident in the Daily News' editorial description of the protesters as "misguided peacenicks".

Brad Jacobson

NoOneYouKnow, you're absolutely correct. And so was Ghost of Joe Liebling's Dog. I had momentary brainlock. I was thinking of the broader city when I first spotted GJLD's comment and responded with that in mind. 500,000 does comprise roughly one-third of the borough of Manhattan and about one-sixteenth of the entire city. Thanks for calling that out.

Ken Tucker

I traveled to Washington for the January 18, 2003 protest. Tens of millions of ordinary citizens around the world recognized early on that a "preventive" invasion of Iraq would be both immoral and illegal. I have no sympathy for those (including Hillary Clinton) who claim they were somehow misled into supporting the war. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that we were being fed a pack of lies.

Joe the Dog Lover

We took our eye off the ball anyway...Afghanistan.

auto glass

I heard it's over. Glad for the soldiers coming home.

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