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February 21, 2008


Brad Jacobson

Disturbing Security Lapse at Dallas Obama Rally


We were there, and the situation went from almost 2 hours waiting in a line that barely moved forward to a line that suddenly moved so quickly that we were asked to hustle to get in before he spoke.

No more people were allowed on the main floor, so we were steered to the nosebleed seats. I'm no expert on firearms, but I'm pretty sure one would need a rifle with scope from that distance.

That's how I justified "no search" to myself at the time (before I saw the articles).

We were typical of the folks who got there at 10:30 (when we were told the doors would open). Some people were there since 4am and the doors opened at 10am, so the early birds who were seated on the main floor got searched.

All that said, I sure hope security tightens from the publicity on this incident in Dallas.


Say, isn't this the same Secret Service that wouldn't let a couple in to a Bush event who had the wrong (i.e. critical of Chimpy and his policies)?

I guess that an attendee packing potential heat is OK to go if it's a Dem event. A couple with a nasty bumpersticker on their car (or a teeshirt of mass destruction, a la Cindy Sheehan) is grounds for arrest.

Glad to see that the nonpartisan SS has its priorities straight.

From up north

I was connected to this story first thing this morning and I immediately sent it to everyone I know. I find it shocking, but then again, nothing this administration does or will do in the future will shock me anymore.

Look into 9/11Truth.org

It will be, and has been done in plain sight. But there seems to be nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Perhaps that is why there's such an enthusiastic, if not frenzied support for Obama. People are looking for a savior, just like RFK and M.L. King, and look what happened with them.

Google George H. W. Bush and the Kennedy assassination if you really want to get freaked out.

Jack Coleman

Agreed, a mind-boggling lapse in judgment here and in Dallas of all places. That RFK "almost certainly" would have won the Democratic nomination in 1968, however, is a stretch. Winning California did not mean that RFK was a shoo-in.


I left this comment at Americablog, who linked to you, but the same basic thing happened in NYC a few months ago at the Obama rally in Washington Square Park. The lines were huge, and shortly before he was supposed to speak, the park was only like 1/8 full. So they took down the barriers and everyone flooded in. No one thought strangely about it (but this was months before he became the front-runner).


A deranged commie obsessed with Cuba, then a deranged Arab obsessed with Isreali fighter jets. are we waiting for a deranged racist obsessed with the possibility of a black president?


Obama was given Secret Service protection long before any other candidate because of threats against him and his family. The Dallas Police Department does not want any more assassinations--I imagine that if the SS needed help screening people, they could have requested it. The Obama people had better start providing additional security for their candidate, because they can no longer rely on the SS.

Steve Bates

I agree wholeheartedly that the lapse in security for Obama is terrifying, and that the matter bears watching as the campaign continues.

But your concluding prose implies that RFK, like JFK, was assassinated in Dallas. RFK was assassinated in Los Angeles. I was alive back then. I remember those killings with deep regret, and with thoughts of what might have been if those men had lived.

Not every evil thing happens in Texas. Please correct your error.


This is inexcusable, irresponsible to the point of being criminal on the part of the secret service and the United States Government. Senator Obama is the LAST PERSON where secret servicemen should fall down on the job. Where's Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson. Hell, where's the American people? If anything happens to Senator Obama, this nation will pay in a way they've never paid before for any other assasination. And they can "take that out of their banks"

Barry in Barcelona

Why is it when one goes to an NBA game for example, as I did several years ago in Miami,that 18,000 fans can be thoroughly searched gotten seated by gametime and this can't be done in some of the venues where Senator Obama is speaking? Criminal? It goes beyond that: it is ominously sinister to my mind. And with the recent series of shootings across the country, it should be self-evident that security concerns should be increased by a factor of ten. I am well old enough to remember what happened in the Sixties and I pray that the country and none of the energetic, dedicated, fine young people who are the essence of the amazing campaign ever, ever, have to know what we went through back then.

John Crampton

No it happens ll over the coutry....I'm sure that the Republican-facist party will do everything possible to see that a popular Democratic candidate is neutrailized, either by smear or by aassasination. It worked so well for Rove, Cheney and Bush when they assasinated Paul and Sheila Wellstone and made it look like a plane crash.

Brad Jacobson

But your concluding prose implies that RFK, like JFK, was assassinated in Dallas. RFK was assassinated in Los Angeles.

Mr. Bates, maybe that line could've been extra clear, but in no way was I implying such a thing. Clearly RFK was assassinated in LA and not Dallas (am I giving people too much credit to know this?). The sentence you point out is specifically in context to the preceding quote from the police officer wondering how this security lapse could occur in this "day and age." Thus the following point that, well true, with all of the "war on terror"-driven security measures, it is hard to believe. But this is in addition to the fact that JFK and RFK were assassinated in a day and age long ago. But to make sure readers unaware of this history don't draw the wrong conclusion, I've inserted "in Los Angeles" into the sentence. Thanks for pointing this out.


One thing is certain :

Whites will do everything possible

(or thought impossible)

to prevent non whites (aka:brown,non-100 percent white,cream )to become USA PRESIDENT


i was there. i parked around 12:20 and strolled right in. i could have snuck a huge rifle in with *no* problem. i was astonished. it felt kind of morbid even thinking about but it was really shocking. it's dallas for crissaakes!

the next night i saw bob dylan and went through a physical search before i could get in.

Georges S.

Obama has to be careful. There are lot of extremist racist nuts out there. They just can't play fairly.


>>That RFK "almost certainly" would have won the Democratic nomination in 1968, however, is a stretch. Winning California did not mean that RFK was a shoo-in.<<

Winning the California primary on June 5, 1968 put RFK over the top in the number of delegates needed to win the nomination. After his death, Hubert Humphrey was nominated as a result of back-room dealing at the convention, though Eugene McCarthy actually had more delegates.

This would not have happened if RFK had lived, so the statement is not a stretch. The statement is correct.

Dallas Network Security

That's pretty frightening. Not screening thousands of people for guns, especially thousands of people that live in Texas. Well at least nothing happened, I guess it was a pretty friendly crowd.

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