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February 24, 2008


Brad Jacobson

Secret Service Denies Obama Security Lapse
While MSM Plays Dumb and NBC Plays Dumber;
Plus, A Reminder of Who Controls the SS

Patricia Foster

This story sends chills up my spine. I had no idea the Secret Service is now under the auspices of the bungling, incompetent, and inept Dept. of Homeland Security. If that isn't enough to scare the bejeebers out of the American public I don't know what is.

Seems like the mainstream media is back to its old trick of doing the "easy" news and staying away from anything that might require tough, invetigative journalism.

Other than forward your excellent piece to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN (forget Fox, they're a sad joke) what can we citizens do to demand an investigation of this? Think Homeland Security gives a rat's patootie about Obama's safety? Harrr!

I am keen to know if this egregious lapse of security has happened at Clinton or McCain events. My guess would be "no."

Hey Now

This is how they allowed Bhutto to die.


I got to the rally on the steps of the Capitol in Austin at about 6:30 Friday night. Obama was scheduled to get there at 9. There was already a line, but it was moving well. There were 4 of 5 lines with TSA people screening everyone. About 8:30 or 8:45 there were still huge lines to get into the area (outside, with barricades and police monitoring the access points). They shut down the access at about 8:50 and moved the waiting crowd into the streets outside the barriers. I don't know what more they could have done. The overflow was in the streets, but could not possibly have access to Obama.

Pictures on the Austin American-Statesman the next day showed people literally reaching out and touching Obama's face. I have never seen this kind of passion for a candidate, and I am far from being young. How do you turn away thousands of supporters?

It seemed that the Secret Service is now aware of the attention this problem has gotten. These crowds are so very large, and the affection of the supporters is so demonstrative.

We must all be aware of our surroundings. Fear is not a response that the Obama campaign encourages. Let's watch them and help them keep Obama safe.

I'm extremely disturbed both by the security breach iself (and doubtless more like it) and the faux news media's Machiavellian efforts to make this story disappear.That said, nothing these Pravda enablers do surprises me in the least. My real worry is that Bush-Cheney et al has on on plan in place to see rhat on on certain asassination occurs that will give them cover to finally institute the martial law they've so ardently been salivating for, and for which all of the detention camps will be used once the inevitable civil unrest happens. You heard it here first.

Sorry - one of my blackberry keys isn't functioning. Thus the strangosity in the above post.


Just to be clear, it's your assertion that every single attendee at Yankee Stadium goes through a freakin' metal detector? That's insane.

(Not been to a game, just shocked and disappointed if that's true. Certainly never happens at Wrigley, not even in the playoffs).


Assassination is more an issue with this candidate than any other in history.
Wish him luck.


Just to be clear, it's your assertion that every single attendee at Yankee Stadium goes through a freakin' metal detector? That's insane.

It is insane and not true (at least in Baltimore and Boston).


Just to be clear, it's your assertion that every single attendee at Yankee Stadium goes through a freakin' metal detector? That's insane.

It is insane and not true (at least in Baltimore and Boston).

The Critic

My wife went to the Hillary Clinton rally in Lyndhurst, Ohio, and she says that they checked all the people going into the main room but just waved in the people, like her, who ended up in the overflow area. Seems they don't like much security for either of the Dem candidates.


Dave Neiwert at Orcinus has a disturbing post.

The SS and DHS should be investigating the overt death threats he has uncovered. The feds would be all over this if it was Bush instead of Obama.



no, it's not true at yankee stadium, either. their security consists of no large bags, put what you have in a clear plastic bag they give you (eg food you brought w you), and go on in. there are some handheld bomb wands, but i think that's more about spot checks and weirdos than it is scanning everyone.

on the one hand, i feel like the SS might have some sort of security process we don't even know about for which the metal detector delay is a convenient distraction, which might explain why they can say no breach occurred. on the other, if there was any administration that would secretly put the word out that maybe a certain candidate on the campaign trail didn't merit the most stringent procedures, and ps have you seen this forward about how he's an America-hating Islamic sleeper agent, it's this one.


"So according to Dallas Police Department officials (as opposed to the officers who were shocked and alarmed by the lapse in security), no one actually getting shot or blown up is a "success." Of course, that's not success, but luck."

hey, it works for bushco when they congratulate themselves on there being no terrorist attacks in this country.


I was at a Clinton rally in 1996, in Daley Plaza, the middle of downtown Chicago.

They put gates all around the block, vacated it, and you had to walk through a metal detector to get back in. My shoulder bag was searched.

It was pretty impressive how quickly and thoroughly it was all done.


Makes me wonder how Bush has augmented his bodyguards: Blackwater?


It may not be true at Yankee Stadium, but every single fan at American Airlines Center in Dallas, where the Mavericks and Stars play and the replacement for Reunion Arena, goes through a metal detector.

Brad Jacobson

FYI: The reference to "basic checks, the kind performed at any major sporting or music event" was not intended to just mean metal detectors, of which several stadiums/arenas do use, handheld or otherwise. (The last time I went to Yankee Stadium, people were routinely "wanded.")

Please see the original post (first link in this post), to which this was a follow-up and you'll understand what I meant by "basic checks": it's not merely that SS didn't use metal detectors on them but that THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE STREAMED IN COMPLETELY UNCHECKED - they just opened the floodgates; no bags, no nothing was checked; people flowed right in off the damn street. (Incidentally, aside from handheld metal detectors/wands, security at Yankee stadium noted by commenter dj is much more stringent than "no large bags, put what you have in a clear plastic bag they give you (eg food you brought w you), and go on in"; of the little you are allowed to bring in, which includes (as noted on their website) "Diaper bags, small children's backpacks, small women's purses & backpack purses" - all of it "will be inspected at the entrance gates." What can't you bring in? "No backpacks, briefcases, attaché cases, coolers, glass or plastic bottles, cans, large purses, bags or video cameras will be permitted into the ballpark. You must leave these items in your vehicle before entering the ballpark. No laptops are permitted into the stadium." All and any of which were permitted at the Obama rally once checks were halted.

Carl from L.A.

Here's the great part for the Republicans- If anything does happen to Obama, the right-wing blogosphere is going to light up in claims that this is just one more murder committed by those horrible Clintons. What would that bring the number to now? 57 or 58?


I do know that at college football stadiums, where about 100k people show up (not counting people working the concession stands or janitorial staff, etc.), they do, at least, a cursory check of all bags before you can enter. You know it is something you'll have to go through, and there are lots of entry ways, and who knows how well those who do the checks are trained (they are only looking to make sure you don't bring in an umbrella or your own food/drink, rather than guns or bombs, so not much is necessary), but they do check everyone's bags.

If you can do it for a college football game, you should be able to do a little more for presidential candidates.

Tim Hollis

Thanks for a brilliant article and insightful reportage. I will send this along and hope all who come by will do the same.


I have no problem with your entire article, from the assertions to the facts. Except this one thing:

"...no one actually getting shot or blown up is a "success." Of course, that's not success, but luck."

Sometimes success is nothing MORE than luck. This in no way disregards the general theme of your post here--that SS security is shockingly lax.

But no one got shot or arrested. That IS a successful example of security, whether by luck or not.

A determined assassin will be successful no matter how good the security is. You may as well infer that dumb luck is the reason America hasn't been 'attacked' since 9-11. The truth is: Nobody cares what the real reason is. It is a 'success', even if any cluck terrorist with an 18-wheeler could 'attack America' any time he wanted to...


Just another data point: big (18,000+) Obama rally in Seattle couple weeks ago -- they had full security for the people sitting in the lower seats, but no security at all for people in the cheap seats, which honestly, aren't that much further away from the stage.


The Dept of Homeland Security isn't just bumbling and inept it's also corrupt. Take a look at every action the DHS has taken - from hunting down missing Democratic legislators on down - it is a govt organization that is doing one thing : Keeping things secure for the party in power.
Now take into account what happened to Bhutto. It just wasn't lax security force, I'd say it's a complicit SS force that did just what those in power wanted to see happen. It happened to Aquino in the Philippines.It's happened far too many times around the world - and it just might be what's in store here.
Wake up people.
(oh yes, I'm obviously one of those "conspiracy theorists" or whatever discrediting term you want to throw out)


This is a very disturbing article. I hadn't heard anything of this. And yes, if such a thing had happened for a G.W Bush event and there were reports of shoddy crowd screening, do we not think the Internets and the MSM would have LIT UP with outrage?

And Daddy-O, the non-death of anyone at a rally at which Secret Service screening is mediocre is just dumb luck. Again, like Chris Rock said, talking about some members of the black community (but this could apply to anyone) with low expectations: "They love to say 'I ain't never been to jail.' What, ya want a cookie? 'I take care of my kids.' You're supposed to take care of your kids."

If the Secret Service is proud nothing happened, just how will it feel if and when something does? It's obvious that something not happening is not largely because of them. Talk about lowering the bar.

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