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February 05, 2008


Brad Jacobson

Clinton vs. Obama on the Cluster Bomb Vote


If this is true, it is another reason why Hillary Clinton won't get my vote. I am not sponsoring a couple of children from Handicap International for my pleasure. Suppress these cluster-bombs for good. Enough is enough!


So there can be no doubt...the voting record


Brad Jacobson

Thanks, sparafucilli. Will post in update.

Three Bamboos

McCain v. Hillary = Cluster Bombs and Cluster Fucks

James Rutke

Notice that McCain also voted against banning cluster bombs in civilian areas.


Brilliant post! Well done.

Mary Duffy

This is the woman who proclaims to have been working for children all her life.



It was the Clintons that drove so many people away from the Democratic party, and I wish they would just disappear.

Personally, I cringe at the thought of young Americans celebrating their 24th birthday having known no other president than a "Bush" or a "Clinton." (1989-2013)


Maybe Hillary supported cluster bombs in case she needed air cover against more of that 'sniper fire'.

Online Poker Fan

Hillary, If that would happen in Poker...

Its too funny what politicians do all the time not admitting that they have lost at a given situation. Hillary being just the perfect model how policitians act when they have to

face a situation where they have lost or were wrong on a topic. They try to ignore it and still play "I am a winner" no matter what the facts and the given reality around them


I wonder if thats the reason why policitians don't play poker tournaments - at least not that I know of many who do. Because in the end if lose or win. You can just say "Wow, it

was a fantastic poker game, I was coming in place 38 out of 500". You either win the tournament or you dont. Great if you finish in a range of places where you are getting paid

a few dollars, but if you really want to win in poker games you need to be at the very top of the winners or else.

Nothing would help you that in the world of politics is always going on: "re-arranging facts", "changing the rules at the end to adjust reality", "playing dumb", "not admitting

any mistakes, and just saying NOTHING", "blame it on misunderstandings", "I didnt mean what i said, actually everybody did misunderstood me", and so on.

The good thing about poker is that you either win or your dont. The most obvious of your skills in playing poker is the ability to win. And the "politicians" under the losing

poker players will always say "I had a bad run, I just had back luck" and try to reduce the game of poker to the game of being lucky and being dealt the right cards. It is not.


Anyway Hillary, I would love to see you at www.actionpoker.com and www.tigergaming.com some day and would like to see how you try to explain your bad poker performance when we

do beat you in the first poker tournment offered just for struggling politicians.

Kevin, Poker Tournament Fan
current favorite poker site:

ukrainian women

Thanks, sparafucilli. Will post in update.

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