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November 28, 2007



Brokaw a Victim of His Own Professionalism, Too?


Brokaw's exegesis reminds me of Dorothy Parker's description of Hepburn's emotional range as running the gamut 'from A to B.' His concept of 'opposition voices' is ... erm ... Brent Scowcroft? Bob Byrd? Ted Kennedy?

Are we Inside the Beltway yet, Mom?

The notion of airing views of, say, non-serious thinkers - good God ... Ritter? Chomsky? Garry Wills? Not even considered.

Manufactured Consensus: check.
Contrarian Arguments Banned: check.
Inevitability Of War? Check.

This is what they call a 'free press.'


60% of the Democrats in Congress voted against the Iraq AUMF. Not the leadership, but still a majority of the Democrats in Congress. More of the members of the Senate Intelligence and Armed Forces committees voted against it than voted for it. Bob Graham, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee voted against it.

Guess Brokaw wasn't really paying attention.


Can't ruin a BIG story... heh...


Brokaw is the worst of the bad. In saying that the last generation was the greatest, he forsakes the fundamental energizing principle of civilization--that the only best generation is always the next one. Gazing backward to imagined greatness necessarily blinds a society to its future greatness, which resides in the children, not the grandparents. (I speak as a grandparent.) Brokaw's ancestor worship is the opposite of respect for elders; he wants us to be like them; they wanted us to become more than they were.


Brokaw consistently disappoints with his surprising shallowness on the political matters he spent so long reading us the news about. He has some interesting insights on the boomer generation, but as a political commentator he's right up there with Sean Hannity! Ick.


Browkas is simply a pompous ass, no doubt associating himself with the "greatest generation."
That they were participants of their time seems to escape him. So were the Germans, Italians, and Japanese. There were plenty of far "Less" than the greatest in that generation too, and many of them right here in the Greatest Country in the world.
I suppose he is also "unaware" of our very own fascists...the Bushes, Henry Fords, Wall Street, etc, etc...as he was/is of those against the Iraq war(s).
Like the Majority of MSM, he considers himself OF the Rulers, to use and be used. As often remarked, he and other toe-suckers are eager tools used to (mis)lead the public into whatever profits the profiteers, be it overconsumption or excessive drug use, poorly designed/dangerous consumer crap, or murderous warring.
A REAL reporter in the traditional vein would break their neck to ferret out the facts rather than cash in on such recognizable propaganda.

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