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October 23, 2007



Was Romney's Osama-Obama Comment a Mistake?


I think it's pretty clear Romney just slipped up. He's done it before. Consider the last debate, with the comment about "building the house that Reagan built." I thought he hit some debate questions out of the park, but that phrase he used made no sense.

I think Romney is your typical book-smart nerd who is thinking so fast that sometimes, if he has multiple topics on his mind, the wrong words slip out. He was talking about Osama, but he also planned to hit the Obama and the Democrats on national defense, so Obama was in the back of his mind and he just got confused about what he was talking about.

C'mon Romney wouldn't stoop so low as to purposely equate Obama and Osama. I really think Romney's mind just races too fast and he says the wrong thing sometimes. Makes him sound stupid sometimes, but is also perfectly understandable when u actually realize the type of guy Romney is. He's a big nerd. I think he's a good guy, too, though; notice that he readily clarifies or apologizes when asked about his slip-ups.


When in doubt, err on the side of stupidity, or incompetence. It's a pretty good strategy in American politics, especially the Republican version. And don't take Ann Coulter seriously, please. It should be obvious that she's into performance art.


We'll just have to wait and listen to what Romney says in the future. If he ever intends to say "Osama bin Laden" and instead says, "Dick Cheney's distant cousin" then we will know.


I have found it beneficial to let the righwing talk and talk and talk and talk. They eventually destroy their own credibility .without an argument to confuse the issues. I love it when a neocon has platform and has to fill time and gets long winded. They do my job for me.


It seems to me that Romney is exhibiting early signs of dementia:
It would be a catastrophe to put him into the Whitehouse!!!aia

John Q

"C'mon Romney wouldn't stoop so low as to purposely equate Obama and Osama."

I dunno. He's been proving that he can stoop pretty damn low throughout his campaign.


Romney? Wasn't he the Nazi tank commander?

John  Bakalik

Romney ? BULLLLSSSSHHIT, He goofed. some claim he has a good mind, then maybe he's getting the Reagan's disease.


That was no mistake. Where is "Barack" in "Osama bin laden"?
And then he REPEATS it?
Pure Rovian smear.


That was a double-scoop of fratboy/college humor with a "smear" on top. Thanks John Bakalik; you got it.


In a perfect world that should put a nail in the coffin of his Presidential campaign. Haven't we had enough of dim-witted morons pretending to be leaders when they don't have a clue?


I think if you look at the way he did it, he knew exactly what he was doing - it wasn't a mistake at all.


"C'mon Romney wouldn't stoop so low as to purposely equate Obama and Osama."

Except for the triffling fact that there is a photograph, alluded to in the article above, of him holding a sign that does exactly that.

Nice try, though.

And I'm sure he meant to put the dog IN the car, it was just that his brilliant book smart mind was racing ahead again.

Boris And Natasha

Preceding comment by John Bakalik absolutely dead-on. Go to Crooks & Liars 10/25 page and watch Romney. Watch more than once.

Sure it's a stumble, like when you intentionally stumble to give yourself some weasel room.

If you meant to say "hillary clinton" you wouldn't stumble a few times and then say "william jefferson" ... would you.

As mr B says, PURE ROVE.

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