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August 26, 2007



The Kucinich campaign needs to file a complaint against Disney/ABC with the FCC. The public needs to inundate the FCC with e-mails supporting Kucinich's complaint. ABC clearly indulged in propaganda, and deliberately ill-served, betrayed, the public's interest.


Your piece is a perfect example of how useful lazy journalists are to people with an agenda and a need to manipulate the press.
The facts of the story, had Tumulty bothered to establish them in the first place, coould have been summed up in one opening para, the rest could then have been a clear analysis based on those facts. Instead she simply reported and wrote misleading verbiage and "padding" which illuminates nothing and no one except her and her own incomptence.
It then takes 8 pages to deconstruct the piece, properly analyze the original story AND the story resulting from Tumulty's shoddy work and then correct it.
Thus truth gets buried in lies and obfuscations.
If Tumulty had done her job responsibly in the first place, you wouldn;t have to do all this work--effectively for nothing.
No doubt she'll completely ignore your work and carry on regardless.

Nonetheless, this kind of thing has to be done---well done.


I am a Kucinich fan because I believe that the REAL POWERS that are running the world are scared of him. This sort of organized censure of a LEGITIMATE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE who wins every debate they let him into should rally all of us to support him in the primary. What has happened to our elections? Twice we've been handed a tyrant, unelected and guilty of rigging the only voice we have in our government, yet no one seems to really care that much. Like they say, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."


Hey RGKahn.....you're thoughtful and I bet I agree with you on most issues, but you said one thing that was clearly wrong:

"...the old world journalism of Murrow, Cronkite and Rather is dead and buried."

Actually, you just posted at a site that continues that great Murrow (and Ramparts Magazine from the sixties and I.F. "Izzy" Stone the great muckraker) tradition of reporting. Your eloquent words towards the end of your post perfectly describes what MediaBloodhound has been doing and continues to do: "....reporting requires "hard work" as a famous politician was heard to say in the not too distant past. Report what was said, what was done, when it happened, by whom and against whom. Being truthful would also be a good idea."

Couldn't have said it better myself.
MB: keep on keepin' on!

Kelly Logan

Excellent work digging in on this story. This is what more Americans need to realize. Another telling note to my mind is the live blogging that ABC's political reporter did on the debate:


Not one mention of Kucinich by name. The closest he seems to come is one pre-emptive excuse to explain why the discussion on Iraq won't be covered in detail by mainstream media:

"8:32 am CT: Iraq discussions are not made for debates -- and we're reaching a point where there's nothing more interesting that can be said by Democratic candidates on the war -- except for the bomb-throwers."

The rest is the reporter making snarky comments on style and strategy without noting any of the audience reaction to candidates or the issues themselves. Self-censorship at its most distasteful.

I'm a Democracy Now! news consumer myself, so I don't see mainstream news that much (except when CrooksAndLiars posts clips or fair.org talks about them), and examples like this are the reasons why.

I hope this will increase awareness and support for moving debates out of private hands and back into those of a non-partisan group like the League of Women Voters again, and move us closer to public campaign funding.

Al B Tross

Another perfect example of how Corporate Fascism is killing our Democracy.

The Corporate Empire has us citizens so brainwashed and scared, that we accept these things.
The sad thing is, even if K sues the crap outa them, and wins, it may all be too little, too late. Buried in the rubble of Paris Hilton and another Republican sex scandal, if the mainstream media covers it at all. Let us hope this story grows big legs!

Paul Levinson

Excellent reporting. See here for my analysis ... http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2007/08/ron-paul-has-company-now-abc-crops-out.html

ABC is an equal opportunity abuser of the democratic process. If it wasn't unconstitutional, I'll call upon the FCC to revoke ABC's licenses...

Alexia For Ron Paul

I appreciate that the reporter only parroted exactly ABC executive's response. I'm quite weary of reporters infusing fact with opinion. Pretending that editorials and opinions are news has a good deal to do with the fact that the news is not unbaised.

It's sad that the three most honest guys in the race (Kucinich, Gravel and Paul) are the three that have to fight for every second of air time they recieve.

I truly fair debate wouldn't dole out time based on poll standings. Each candidate would get the same amounf of questions, and /or the same amount of time to answer each question.

It's a travesty, especially since we the people are supposed to own the airwaves. ABC just leases them from us.


Why was George Stephanopoulos, a former employee and partisan of Hillary Clinton's husband, allowed to oversee a debate that featured if not promoted her, in the first place? That comes close to conflict of interest in my book.
(Just a rhetorical question. I know the real answer.)


Are you saying George Stephanopoulos might have a favorite in the democratic pack? Someone who is not Kucinich? Surely, you aren't suggesting there is any conflict of interest on is part?

Another Media Bloodhound

From the ABC transcript, here is the approximate # of times Stephanopoulos mentioned each candidates' names in the process of calling on them or asking opinions of them to candidates:

Clinton: 18
Obama: 17
Dodd: 10
Edwards, Richardson, Biden: each 7
Gravel: 6
Kucinich: 5

Lesson: You can influence voting by ignoring candidates and giving attention to others.


George Staphapoopalus is a short man with no progressive vision. He was a spinmeister, as communications director and white house spokesman for Bill Clinton. That's about as non-journalistic in terms of impartial as you can get. I think it was all staphloccocapus. He's a draconian silence all debate type. Elitist. Like Hilarious Clinton. The 'I know better than you do' type. Now shut up and take your medicine.
Some of those east coasters who graduated from 'the big schools' think they pee knowledge and poop wisdom. When they have an opinion, its big man, and wo be unto the dude or dudette who tries to tell them otherwise.
I honestly don't know how stephandraculous got a news program. He's an elitist nerdling. I don't think he dug the way Dennis ran circles around him logically the week before. Georgie got nasty with him then too...trying to sucker Dennis in with questions about when would it be OK to use Nukes...and other crap like that.
I think this whole thing was Stephanapoulos. Not Disney, Not ABC, except for the fact that they hired the idiot. No corporate conspiracy, just Georgie doing his elitist mouthy pooping thing, replete with those nor'easter glib retorts, jabs, and back-handed putdowns. What a class act. Excuse me now, I gotta to wash up; I feel soiled.


Thanks for the information. I've compiled it into a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2DGfXA8DlE

Spread it around!

Patrick Michaels

Want to see where the links to those polls are? Check out this tongue in Cheek 'race call' video from Youtube. The links are in the 'more information' section, to the right of the moderator(me).

Patrick Michaels

Maybe this will help, eh?



Kucinich and Paul led their respective parties' polls.

So the guns are turned on them, the slights, the ignoring of the issues they present.

Same ol' same ol', nothing changes there.

The change must come from the People, and the perceptions they have of msm and of reality.
I don't hold out much hope for either.

If a talking head says they will "waste their vote" on Paul or Kucinich, that is implanted in their minds when they go to pull the lever. I'd guess in over 50% of the cases.


Kucinich and Paul led their respective parties' polls.

So the guns are turned on them, the slights, the ignoring of the issues they present.

Same ol' same ol', nothing changes there.

The change must come from the People, and the perceptions they have of msm and of reality.
I don't hold out much hope for either.

If a talking head says they will "waste their vote" on Paul or Kucinich, that is implanted in their minds when they go to pull the lever. I'd guess in over 50% of the cases.


With your permission I will be putting a snippet of this story up on the H.O.R.N. website along with a link back to the original.

Great reporting!

Headon Radio Network-"America's Liberal Voice!"
CenTab-The Run To The White House 2008


Of course you may, Susan. Thank you. And thanks for spreading the word!

lowly grunt

The link WAAAAAYYY up at the top of the post that goes to the original AP photo is no longer operable. Don't know if you need/want to fix that or not, but there you go.....


Can someone tell me why anyone watches TV anymore?


sesli chat

thanks baby

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