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August 07, 2007



Plight of Multi-Millionaires vs. Ease of Vote Manipulation


millions of citizens that amazingly can afford tattoo's, tobacco, booze, lottery and drugs make the wrong choices and the state/feds feed cloth and educate them. with other peoples money. you know food stamps, wic, hud, pell grants etc. they laugh the hardest at all you do-gooders who act like theres any real poverty in US except from abusive parents who squander the freebies meant to help them exist. they play the system like a piano. and the health care crisis?? the one where we make hospitals give away services to people who have no intention of ever paying, even a little. please your a usefull idiot. i'm just wondering who your usefull to? but the NY times pandering to the wealthy....please. they push the same bleeding heart lies your telling and there subscribers are going going gone.


Scoter, stfu. You smell bad, and nobody likes you.

That makes as much sense as the load of retarded horse shit you decided to shovel on to the rest of us.

If you think Multi-Millionaires are some abused sub-group, I've got a wall for you to stand up against.


Alright you 2--let's bring it down a notch.

I'm with you politically soullite, but please remember: a cathartic smackdown of a right-winger makes you feel good, but it's never going to persuade those on that side of the issues to rethink their views. And isn't that a important part of the discourse in blog comment sections? Why not Google a few U.S. poverty stats for scoter and make him defend his comments on the facts and merits?

As for you scoter: your sentences, "please your a usefull idiot," "...wondering who your usefull to" and "...bleeding heart lies your telling..." make you the Prince of Irony and Unintended Hilarity. The word is "you're"--not "your" and "usefull" is spelled "useful." You may want to take a deep breath and reconsider the next time you have the urge to call someone else an idiot.

In the meantime, scoter, here's a link to learn about the level of poverty in this country (look forward to reading your response):

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