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July 11, 2007



What's Behind Gupta's Spat with Moore


The media outlets are wholly responsible for the demise of our Country!


Gupta's work is done: sew some doubt that willfully misinformed folks can use to discount everything they find uncomfortable or otherwise indefensible in Moore's film.

Works everytime.


The most alarming thing about his "report" on Moore's movie was how inept it was.

Think CNN is still feeling the sting of constant badgering by the dittoheads, so now they're trying a Vichy France appeasement?


The most alarming thing about his "report" on Moore's movie was how inept it was.

Think CNN is still feeling the sting of constant badgering by the dittoheads, so now they're trying a Vichy France appeasement?

Gupta is a slick, slimy creep.


All Gupta's really did was just bashed the movie, which really does no one any good. It was an amazing blind-side, just before Moore was about to go on the air to talk about his movie. You would think that CNN would want to have a positive conversation about the movie and the very important healthcare issue.

It is amazing that his "fact checking" report said absolutely nothing positive about the movie. It was just a fluff piece talking about a few facts in a movie about a very important topic.

It is also amazing that a smart guy like Gupta just seems to miss the point. He nit picks about some facts, but misses the bigger point, that Moore is out there talking about the healthcare problem. Moore should be commend for making it an issue and stirring up the soarly needed conversation. That should be incredibly commended. I do not see Gupta out there taking on the problem and forcing politicians to face the healthcare issue. Where are his journalistic skills in really addressing healthcare in the U.S.? As a Doctor/journalist he should be in Washington questioning the politicians about what they are doing on the healthcare issue. The public consistently considers it one of the most important issues.

At the end of the day I am afraid Gupta is really just another guy looking to cash in on his media fame.

Although certainly controversial you have to commend Moore for taking on the biggest issues of the day: guns/culture of violence, healthcare, Iraq war, and reckless corporate downsizing in his movies. Truly amazing. We should have a couple a dozen Michael Moores in the U.S. He should be considered a hero for trying to make the country a better place.


Gupta can't slam Moore's film without looking like an ass. I imagine that most of us have had experience with our broken health industry or know someone who has. The time has finally come where people are beginning to see what is happening in this country and the propagandists are showing their hands when they attempt to deny the reality we're all seeing. I'm glad Gupta just lost credibility. He's a stooge who's been irritating me for a LONG time.

Jack Jett

It was obvious by the fact that he, Gupta, had no meat in his content. It is clear he is a media whore. It is very clear that his financial future is dependent on the pharma companies and insurance companies. His priority is his career and it is clear he doesn't give a shit about healthcare in general

It seems rather silly for him to take on Michael Moore. Moore is way out of his league. Now I see Gupta more as a Judge Judy or Dr. Phil.

He was the clear loser in this debate.

Jack Jett


rickygee is correct. Everytime SICKO comes up, the wingnuts (who must attack Moore because of F-911) will spew out Gupta's bogus criticisms, despite these points having been disproven each and everytime they were spewed previously. And these wingnuts will continue to be given airtime and column space, despite their history of continual inaccuracies.

It happens every time, on every subject, in every forum, because these wingnuts are the favorites of the corporate media.


I know M Moore makes everything more dramatic and that is why many ppl think a lot of stuff in his films isnt true or blown out of proportion, but still; he's dramatic about stuff that matters; school shootings(gun control),9/11(iraq war/bush) and now health care(broken-rotten system), he said it on CNN, all he wants wants is to create debate, since we all know presidential candidates avoid talking about this issues.


CNN has, like Faux News, become an extended 24/7 infomercial for their large corporate sponsors.


Gupta is more interested in his eye makeup and teeth whitener then in any humanitarian cause. I find it mindboggling that while Michael Moore is sincerely trying to better humanity by investigating these issues better than anyone, all superficial naysayers like Gupta can do is nitpick. Sanje didn't offer a single solution except to whine - obviously because he doesn't want his fat paycheck threatened. He is a self-centered jerk.


> fat paycheck threatened.
Do you think his paycheck is like the picture of Dorian Gray? The more lies he tells, the fatter and uglier it gets. Then one day he'll start cashing it, and all that vileness will start to show up on his face...

Don B

The good doctor just throws this crap out there for those 50 million-plus stupid jackasses who voted for Dubya, and , the dopes that they are, take it and run with it. Moore is just trying to keep the debate onn health care afloat while trying to educate those nimrods.


Apples and oranges. Moore exposing the awful truths, Gupta part of the status quo trying to cover it up. I'm surprised he didn't pull its all Bill Clinton's fault card.

history is a weapon

This is a good post, but CNN should get hammered over this. FAIR already has an action alert (http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=3135), but lefty blogs should coordinate. If there are no repercussions for such blatant dishonesty, there's no reason to think any of this will change. And if CNN wants to stand by their company man in the face of such clear and willful dishonesty, then maybe liberals will come to terms with CNN being just as rightwing as the Fox.

Past Believing

CNN had lost all of their credibility by 2003. Their management apparently decided they could get better ratings if they followed fox's example. The problem was that fox was for people that got tired of hearing the truth. CNN's audience expected news. Now there is no real news on television. They've all been bought one way or the other. That is the message that needs to get out. Notice that with all of the lies that are regularly told about Iraq on air, even a majority of Republicans believe that the surge isn't working. They know that their piety and patriotism are fake. The only thing that is real about Republicans is their thirst for greed and power. They will tell any lies to get what they want. They will condone murder, torture, and rape to get their tax cuts. Sound like a stereotype? Has anyone heard the stereotype "Liberal Democrat"?

martin springfield

"I know M Moore makes everything more dramatic and that is why many ppl think a lot of stuff in his films isnt true or blown out of proportion"

Well, this is what the moonbat right wing Talking Points want you to believe.

But what I think is really the case is that Moore presents intrinsically dramatic material that our fascist (a more accurate but I suppose also more "dramatic" word than "corporate") media wilfully ignore.

Case in point: F911. Until that movie, most Americans didn't know that in response to 9/11 Bush sat stupidly staring into space while gradeschoolers read from some inane book; that Colin Powell was on videotaped record in 2001 saying Saddam was contained and had no WMD; that the Bush family had business and personal ties to the Bin Laden family; that the Bin Laden got to fly around the nation while a no-fly rule was in effect, then flee the nation as soon as it was lifted; etc. etc.

When the wingnuts went to find inaccuracies, what did they find? That Moore "overstated" the extent of David Horowitz's 60s radicalism?

As the above mentioned hack John Stossel would say, give me a break.


Gupta's an idiot. He misses important context in most of his stories and is clearly aiming for ratings, not public enlightenment. Given that he's not even adept at fudging through his ignorance and bias, I predict he'll have a short career.

I've written to him several times to correct information he's either misrepresented or omitted entirely about rare genetic diseases that are associated with obesity (Prader-Willi, Alstrom syndrome, Bardet-Biedl syndrome) and research interest in how the genes that cause these disorders may be contributing to the current "epidemic" of obesity. I have provided him with volumes of peer-reviewed material detailing the recently defined mechanisms by which these genes contribute to obesity. He's not interested and prefers the tabloid intensity of a riled up audience purposely kept ignorant to insure ratings. Obesity is one of the few remaining physical challenges that the public is able to discriminate against with no fear of social ostracism and it is truly sickening to see a supposed news organization tap into this prejudice for ratings.

I want to be clear that I am not an apologist for obesity (nor am I obese myself), blaming it all on genetic factors. I am a scientist who truly wants to understand this phenomenon and who believes the current desire to simplify the problem by assassinating the character of the obese is leading to bad science and those who engage in this behavior are culpable. Obesity is no doubt a multi-factorial problem. However, the notion of gene involvement at least at some level is a fact and it should not be ignored in favor of ratings.

In Gupta's case, this is doubly tragic since several of these genetic disorders are related to the structure/function of organelles called cilia that are found in most cells of the body and are ubiquitous in the brain—both as sensory organelles in individual cells and in massive quantities in the ventricles of the brain where they function as filtering system for cerebral spinal fluid. As a neurosurgeon, he has a professional obligation to inform himself of developments in brain biology. As a journalist he has a professional obligation to get it right. In both areas he appears to favor ratings over professionalism.


Someone should be asking how much big pharma stock and HMO stock Gupta owns.


Good report from you folks at MBH. Thanks.
But one point I haven't seen touched on is that Gupta being a very good physician (which I'll bet he is) doesn't qualify him to report or comment on health-care public policy. He may know how to treat people for illnesses, but that doesn't mean he knows jack about how to run a large health-care system.
To use an analogy, just because someone is an awesome mechanic, does that mean he/she surely can manage a garage or (more aptly) a chain of garages?
No, right? So why should Dr. Gupta be trusted on public policy matters?


[Edited by site owner. Sorry, racist comments unacceptable.]


CNN's not even trying to hide their corporatist suckling any more. We need to take the FCC back from the media owners and start regulating our airwaves for the public good again. A thousand percent more antitrust investigations might help, too.


You know why CNN went to such lengths to pick a fight with Moore?

Look to any ad break, and cee if Cialis is right for you, while applying Head On directly to your forehead.

Remember back when the Dubai Ports World scandal was heating up? CNN was all over it - UNTIL - Wolf Blitzer was flown out to UAE to do a series of reports on how awesome DBW (and the UAE) was.

After a week of that, no more scandal. And what followed? Ads from the Dubai Tourist Commission.

CNN is not news. And that's hardly news.

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