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June 28, 2007



The funniest part?Next day she went to Bill O'Reilly and agreed with him that she was framed when Mrs Edward called(she only knew seconds before the show).They both trash MSNBC and had a good laugh about them.And for Mr.Matthews after 8 years I just say "good night and good luck"


Maria, thanks for reminding me of something else Matthews failed to disclose: he not only didn't tell his viewers that Coulter knew beforehand Elizabeth Edwards was going to call in, but he checked it with Coulter first to get her OK. Imagine that. It's like a batter being tipped off to what pitch is coming next. Hardball? That's not even softball. It's tee-ball. The result: Matthews gave his viewers the false impression he caught Coulter off-guard and inspired
right-wing bloggers to say that poor Ann got "sandbagged." Want to read something funny? Google "sandbagged" and "Coulter." Nice research, wingers.

E Reed

Someone who would have known once told me that cash changes hands to promote a book or product on these TV shows seems logical to me.


Media Matters asks Random House to investigate Coulter plagiarism allegations
The book: Godless: The Church of Liberalism


Stephen Pitt




Yes, there are those who think allowing the freak to spew will enlighten and lead to a disparaging view of the sociopath. It should. But we live in a media driven world where viewer I.Q. hovers at or below the C-note. These people also vote and spend.

We also live in a world of greed which both Tweety and Coulter reside. Both lost the concept of right and wrong and virtue itself a long time ago having become rather shallow slaves to everything topical and emotional.

Shame on them both for making our country a lot less ethical. And shame on Coulter for an unequalled charlatanism designed to lead sheep to places she'd never think of going herself.

Raise a toast to these two, who actively assist the fall of empire for money.

Dare call it a form of treason.

Stephen Pitt

It's the Corporation, fool.


It owns Mathews. It dictates your reality and the nature of the "news."

It is what happens when Consititutional rights are given to thieves-the sponsors- who have unbridled interest in the war machine and their conveyors of "truth."

Can't we just shine a light on what the sponsor actually is-what it represents?

Bush, Cheney, the Corporation, all the killing, the spying on us, the surrender of our liberties, are all connected.

This is why Ann Coulter hates the First Amendment, why it is her poison.

And now we find Mathews addicted to the same teat's milk?


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Their conversations are really interesting! It is really a conflict of interest between Matthews and Coulter!


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