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June 28, 2007



The Conflict of Interest Between Matthews and Coulter


"That ever shrinking Murrow angel on Matthews’ shoulder is simply no match for the unprincipled pop news huckster into which he's evolved."

Great line. So, who's on the other shoulder?



You saw who was on the other shoulder: Ann Coulter.

Dick Cheney

"Great line. So, who's on the other shoulder?"



Do you suppose Matthews ever reads the transcripts of his show? My god, what awful drivel the man does spout.

bailey alexander

Yeah, and who owns rh but murdoch and he's going to own it half the human world soon

Steve Birdsall

And to think that Random House once published real books, like Neil Sheehan's "A Bright Shining Lie".

How far have they - and we - sunk?

David (Austin Tx)

There is no trackback available here, but I did find some more connections between Chris Matthews, Ann Coulter, MSNBC and Crown Publishing:


No doubt there is much more to make it quite clear, the relationship.


He said he stayed up late with her reading her book? I think that's code for "having sex." His wife must be thrilled, although she's probably happier when he's not around.

Chris Oakes

We have to give Chris Matthews' thoughts consideration if only for the fact that he is so articulate. Incredibly articulate -- the man can form words from farts, I'm telling you. The problem is, the farts, along with the words they form, emanate from his mouth. God is truly cruel.

Glenn Berry

Tweety is so sad.


The only show of MSNBC I will watch is Keith Oblerman's.

The rest ... my friends and family decided to block them out. Just like CNN.

When they come back to being true journalist and cable shows with INTEGRITY, then maybe, just maybe we be back as viewers.


Do you suppose Olbermann will touch this?


ann coulter is a shameful human being. chris matthews is her disciple.

Ellen Lincourt

Ah, don't you all remember how he would pontificate about the Plame affair, while forgetting to tell people that he was steeped up to his eyeballs in it. Only after he got subpeonaed by the Grand Jury did he fess up. He spent almost 2 years trying to pretend like there was nothing to the story, only to reveal he was PART of the story. Matthews has NO journalistic integrity.


Nice digging. What strikes me about Matthews is that he has grilled Coulter at least once, on her book Treason, but ever since then, he's used kid gloves with her. (I have the Treason interview excerpted as part of a fairly long post from last year.) Matthews can be good, but he's completely unreliable, and he's far too buddy-buddy with some of his guests.


Chris' logic about the beast "sells a lot of books" reminds me that Jerry Springer had a lot of viewers at one time but sensationalism is temporary and that's not why I USED TO tune into "Hardball". I used to tune in to hear serious news and debate; truth, not this garbage. If I wanted to listen to some trailer trash whore spewing hate, well, "The Jerry Springer Show" is still on.


don't forget Matthews' promise to Tom "I owe you one" DeLay. Matthews paid him back right on schedule.

T. Barr Arizona

Conflict of Interest between Matthews and Coulter!

OH...MY...GOD!!!! Is this not delicious!!!

Chris Matthews hawking for Ann Coulter!!

He's in big doo doo!

Question: Was it money or blackmail that has Matthews on the ropes?

Hmmm! Please keep digging! Thank you so much for exposing this!!! Bye tweetie!


Good reporting. Now what are you going to do with it besides preach to the choir?


Gee, do ya think mAnn Coulter will be on Hardball on Oct. 2nd?


After the last show with Ann Coulter, I stopped watching Hardball for all time.

Get rid of Matthews and by the way, get rid of Tucker, too. Give their hours to people like Olbermann and Shuster who really try to present the truth when they cover the news.


I have boycotted McNews ever since they began propping up this administration.

After reading this, I think it's time to retire the phrase "carrying water". At this point, it's more akin to carrying a colostomy bag.


They must think we like this crap on our news programs. Everyone seems to tune in and watch, I turn it off. Can't even watch the smarmy chump Matthews anymore now that I know what he's all about. As for all the satan worshippers - not a chance in hell would I turn them on I leave that up to the sick ones to watch and report then I even ignore them. Pathetic this vicious cycle. I've had enough!!!


It is obvious that Coulter got popular sleeping with people like Bill Maher and Chris Matthews (she's basically a not-as-bright Courtney Love). These men, of course, got popular by figuratively sleeping with someone - or multiple someones.

This is how media has worked forever.

The only difference is that there used to be actual _news_ shows that weren't tied to ratings and all the rest. That period has passed.

Why anyone expects something beyond what we see everyday is beyond me. If you really want to change things, stop paying for cable teevee and throw out your set.

It would take a lot of people to do the above to change things - and I know it will never happen - but that is how you change things. Not by writing about what's happening and promoting them even more.

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