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March 30, 2007



Actions, Consequences and Reality


You've perfectly articulated my rage at and frustration with the media. Thank you for that. All of the quotes make me want to upchuck, but the one by Karen DeYoung in the Washington Post is so revealing:

"Bush, who had taken off his helmet and thus avoided photographic comparisons to presidential candidate Michael S. Dukakis's unfortunate episode with a tank helmet during 1988 campaign..."

So the simple act of taking off his helmet precluded any kind of criticism or ridicule of W. The fact that this poor excuse for a leader--a man who avoided a war he and his family believed in, trained with the Texas Guard in a jet that had already been classified by the military as obsolete, thus guaranteeing he couldn't be sent to 'Nam, went AWOL and deserted from the Alabama Guard--dressed up like it was Halloween, sat in the "back seat" of a fighter jet like a kid in the car on a family vacation while a real pilot flew the thing is considered some kind of presidential Top Gun stud is so !@#$%^(* pathetic!!!!!!

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