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November 18, 2006



Noisy Gym Grunting vs Putin's Quiet Dictatorship


This is exactly the kind of media brainwashing that keeps people clueless about global warming, the real facts about Iraq, and other real issues. As a Canadian, I tend to get a slightly less filtered version of the news since the CBC is the definition of liberal media, but I resent commercial news sources that put emphasis on drivel while cramming the real news into the back corner of the innermost page of the World section.


Would you say CBC is roughly on par with the BBC as far as less filtered news goes?


Probably; I don't listen to a great deal of BBC broadcasting so I don't have a good yardstick. But it's government funded, so there's no commercial agenda and no advertisers to pander to.

On an unrelated note, you might want to check out what your Google ads are linking. On the page on which I write this, I see the following:

USA Is In Bible Prophecy
What every Christian should know Could the Final Conflict be Here?

Free Restoration DVD
God's plan is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been restored.


Yeah, I know. Long story short, Google is horrible at filtering out such ads, even though in the sign up process they ask you what your site's about. It doesn't make any sense. It's frustrating. From looking at other progressive sites, it seems they have the same problem with this. Google's filter sucks. If I can't find a way to get them to filter more effectively, then I'm sure they'll be gone soon. I'm trying to get better advertisers in general, but since I'm a one-man operation I've been pretty strapped for time. Though, just so you know, there are progessive ads in that Google strip too (depending on the refresh, in between the promotions for Armegeddon). Anyway, my apologies, Dan. I am trying to address that.


Doesn't bother me any, I generally avoid ads in general (my own site has none and I have no plans to add them). I just thought it was an interesting dichotomy between content and advertising; it's a good thing your content doesn't have any bearing on your ads.



Haha. Yeah. And I can promise you that it never ever will.

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