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October 05, 2006



Peace to you and yours Media bloodhound.

I and my son took part in the demo in DC. There were a few foreign news people there but I did not see any big media.

WCW will have reports and stuff up soon.
I did one at my place.

btw-came over from C&L. You arein the blog roundup.


thanks for this post-protest roundup! the msm are shameless. how many foley stories this week? how many amish shooting stories? what our citizens are thinking? not important. just like bush, who said about the day of world protest prior to the invasion of Iraq (the biggest single day of protest recorded in human history!), "I don't listen to focus groups."

scarlet p.

I've found the most effective way to protest is simply putting signs over or next to freeways. One sign placed with reasonable cleverness in a large city will be seen by a quarter of a million people daily... using this method you don't need the media to cover your protest: You Are The Media.

Patriot NW

I've long said the best way to be effective in these kinds of mass protests is to stage them around/near television stations. Kinda hard to ignore then.

Florence Murphy

No big surprise...I purposely watched all including Keith O. and not one news program
mentioned or showed any thing. And they deny
the corporations have any influence on their reports! Liars as well. Thank whoever we have Free Speech tv, Democracy Now, Air America, Thom Hartman, Bill Moyers, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin and so many others Noam
Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Cindy Sheehan, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, and the Dean of all Gore Vidal.
AND we have the internet as well.


Yes, trying to imagine what these GWB years would've been like without the Internet - as horrible as they've been with it - is quite a chilling thought, Florence. At least we do have that and all those you mentioned. (Yet, on a semi-separate note, how in the world does AAR justify firing Mike Malloy, and Marc Maron before that?)

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