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September 29, 2006



What part of this is satire?!

The McCain quote is a howler.

As the country permanently pulls down the blinds on its democracy shop (with the interrogation bill) and puts up a "gone fishing" sign, I thank you for the laugh and I'll be sure to look for you when we get to Gitmo.

silent revolution

it's "Sieg Heil"....not "Zeich"


There's a second party? Who knew!


Ha. Thank you. Good catch, Mr. Sieg Heil.


In response, Senator Lieberman issued the following statement:

"When they came for the terrorists, I remained silent; I was not a terrorist.

When they came for the Arabs, I did not speak out; I was not an Arab.

When they came for the protestors. I did not speak out; I was not a protestor.

Then they came for the Democrats. And I for one, support our president in this difficult time. Good night ladies and gentlemen! Watch for me on Hannity and Colmes!

If only this article were true...


Nancy Pelosi's quote was the best "....We will do what we can to stop this bill, just short of accomplishing anything." Too funny!


wtf? someone hasn't done their research b/c the facts in this article, well, most of them are not facts to begin with.

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