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September 11, 2006


fiat lux

From one NYer to another: Well done.


And let us all say: amen.


Zero sarcasm intended: your post here along with Olbermann's commentary last night are the Twin Towers of rebuke to this fascist nightmare we are living today.

Pocket Queens

A powerful and empowering post. All of us, especially New Yorkers, suffered insult and injury on 9/11. Bush has added more insult and more injury in pursuit of his fascist, messianic visions. Keep speaking truth to power.


A thoughtful and eloquent riposte to the President, his Administration, and the yes-men in the mainstream media who carry water for them. Well said.

Ron Charest, Gautier, MS

From a native, but now expatriate, New Yorker, thank you for this.

I will write here what I have written in several other blogs: Nearly every day from the day I left New York to build a career in June 1974, until September 10, 2001, I would hear some redneck / conservative / republican / POS mouth off about how much better the US would be if New York City were simply flushed away. There was barely ever a day that passed when someone would not ridicule me for the city I loved, was born in, and grew up in.

And now those same people are the ones chanting "9/11" everytime someone like myself, or the poster here on MediaBloodhound, questions the sorry-ass fucking cowards who hijacked our country.

So excuse my language, but I say "Fuck You" to every redneck / conservative / republican / POS who tries to use 9/11 as an excuse for our coward-in-thief.


grief. I pull up anchor and I set sail. Your post is an eloquent salute and transition call towards giving this Country her soul back. We have alot of work to do.


for some reason, this anniversary was the worse for me too.
i don't live in NY. when i visited manhattan in 98', i avoided the WTC like the plague(eeeew bauhaus!), but then i also missed the church across the street. but i saw that when i visited again in 03'.i had no interest in the 'hole', but what had survived. the amazing city survived. the amazing assemblage of so many people.
nat. guard may be posted at spots, but it was still manhattan.
the city didn't deserve paying for the sins of DC and georgie.

daniel nunez

THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL ESSAY REGARDING 9/11. We as Americans and New Yorkers were victimize twice first, by the terrorist, and second, by our own gov't. Our gov't response to that awful day makes me sick and bitter. It is apparent we no longer have a democracy but a corporate lead facist system of death and destructon that has no boundries. 9/11 made me lose my innocence and my hope for an America strong and proud. America has made many mistakes, its treatment of minorities...etc.. This however is really sick, sick, sick, hold on folks its going to get really nasty.

Ben Marble, M.D.

'VOTE TO IMPEACH' was a good one...
now what was the third????


Like you, I didn't know anyone who died in 9/11, although I knew a lot of people who knew people who died. We were living in Hoboken at the time, and our cleaning lady later told us that she lost a number of clients -- and she knew who they were when she went into their apartments a week later and nothing had been disturbed.

Like everyone else, I lost a sense of security and a sense of distance between me and the rest of the world. Not much, in scope of things. But -- and I don't know if this is facile or what -- but I really mourn the loss of the towers themselves. My father used to work in the one of the towers, and I spent quite a few summers running around in the shopping levels and up on the floors where you looked down on the clouds. And living in Manhattan and Hoboken, I have a bunch of quirky little memories of the buildings. Like watching the way the water sloshed in the toilets on the highest floors (the building was built to sway in the wind). Or going on a manic donut run to the Krispy Kreme in (I think) WTC 7 with some co-workers just before a miserable client meeting.

It wasn’t just two towers we lost that day. It was a whole landscape—offices, open spaces, a shopping mall, overpasses and underpasses. I can still see them in great detail, still navigate them, in my mind. But in the past five years, we’ve lost another landscape—another place I can still see in my mind.

We’ve lost the country that I grew up in. It was a country that championed the Red Cross, championed the Geneva Convention, championed science, human rights, and the teeming masses yearning to breathe free. Sure, we had trouble living up to all those ideals, but we still made the effort. We were the country of Frank Capra, even if we went a little Charles Bronson every now and then.

The zealous nihilism of the last five years has burned out a pit where those ideals stood. They say the Freedom Tower will be up in 2012. My child will be ten years old, and I hope to take her there, although no doubt she’ll never see the place the way we will. The other pit? She’ll be working to rebuild that one, probably her entire life. I’ll have to remember to apologize.


That was a very beautiful and eloquent anaylsis of what any decent intelliegent person feels right now, it does not contain malice or blind anger, but a lovely calm truthful opinion.

I am from Ireland I came here in 2001. I was moved and horrified by the events of 9-11< i eventually made a film about NY called HOME

It is poetic homage to NY city, it does not refer to 9-11 , I want to leave that to other people. I decided along with my co- film maker, a NYer from Brooklyn to focuse on the idea of comeing to NY to make a home, its magic and all those who have come before, I wanted to make a piece that renews faith in the human journey .

We are playing at the Lincoln Centre October 26th.

for info, www.homethemovie.com

OUr cast of interivewees includes

Woody Allen
Mike Myers
Susan Sarandon
ALfred Molina
Frank Mc Court
Liam Neeson

and others

PLease email me and tell me what you think

peace to all and hope that this cycle ends and something beautiful emerges...

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