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August 23, 2006



"Glass half-full"? Um...shouldn't someone doing Rocky's job stay away from the water imagery? What lines did his handlers shoot down?

"Real Americans won't float away on a toxic flood-tide of pessimism...We will stand and take the heat with the president, however long it takes! The Big Easy is rising, people -- Shout it from the rooftops!"

Cynical? Maybe. I guess you can say I'm a "New-Orleans-Half-Full" kind of person.

Ben Marble, M.D.

have you seen my 'debate' with Rockey yet?



Rockey is the real deal and not some Republican plant to make the President look good. He and his crew are proof that anything is possible if you refuse to give up. America embraced Rockey and Mr. Marble seems jealous and angry. While Marble casts stones, Rockey will motivate people to move on and rebuild. I vote for Rockey!


By the way...Marble's claim to fame is telling the Vice President to go F@&* himself. Class move by an M.D.? Too bad.

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