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July 28, 2006



...your visiting serfs yearning to breathe free...hahaha!!


The US public has been lied to before to get us to support a war. Gulf of Tokin with Vietnam 58K us solders died. No repercussions took place for the administration that did the lying. Original Gulf war with the lie about the babies put on the floor by Saddam was fabricated by the govt again. 9/11 with its various holes in the story.. from making cellular calls from phones at 32K feet to WTC7 collapsing in a symmetrically demolition style. 9/11 gave the govt the reason to attack any country & gave the political ammunition to pass the patriot act. Misleading the US public is not a anomaly by the US govt but its standard operating procedure. The public is under massive PSYOOPS by the govt. Most of us are busy watching reality TV & are not aware of the real reality unfolding around us.

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