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July 14, 2006



Weezer? Pleez. Cheney's straight-up gangsta, yo. Listens to Fiddy and old-skoolers like NWA and 2Pac. His secret service nickname is "ODB," he's got "HALIBURTON 4 LIFE" tattooed just under his first open-heart surgery scar, and when those Hussein bitches got up in his grill, he was all like "SHOCK N AWE, BITCH! HOW YOU LIKE THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY NOW?"

Yeah, he's cold. That's how they do it in the W-Y. You don't PLAN, you just take care o' BUSINESS! Why? cuz' it's all about the crude, baby.


Ya down with the VP...? Yeaaah, you know me...

It is all about the crude, my brotha from anotha motha.

As always, funny stuff, PD.


That was funny. REALLY FUNNY.

Bob Jeffery

Great satire;cheney is beyong redemption and his paranoia will soon be full filled - hopefully!

Warren Whitlock

Just found this.. loved the writing.

But I've been wondering.. "critics" always suggest or even "accuse" a public figure of doing things that will help their image.

What would they have them do? Try to HURT their image?

I suppose people should work with no thought of what the popularity polls say.. but the same "critics" that say "he's doing it just for the bump" are the ones that watch the polls the most

I'm no Cheney fan.. (quite the opposite).. just found this to be funny and felt like commenting.

I guess I'll have to go log into MySpace and see how many friends Cheney has.

Thanks for the post



Thanks for your kinds words, Warren. I'm fairly sure, however, that Cheney still has zero MySpace friends.

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