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July 25, 2007



Impeachment Edited Out of CNN/YouTube Debate


The matter had already been brought up in a previous debate, hadn't it? Or was it only directed at Kucinich because of his impeachment bill?

ed  kriner

Cause you would have seen too many Democrats deny that there is any (or ever has been any) reason to impeach Bush.


I'm not sure if asking "do you think GW should be impeached?" is all that relevant a question at a presidential candidate debate. IMHO a more appropriate question would have been to ask them if they believe in and/or support the idea of a "unitary executive" and if the answer was no, what steps would the candidate take, as president, to roll back presidential powers and what would they do to ensure this shredding of the constitution does not happen again anytime soon?

"Candidate Edwards, if the president does it, does that mean it's not illegal?"


darms, please see the update above: the full question about impeachment not only touched on holding Bush accountable for abuses of executive power, but also on how it might be useful in preventing future administrations from picking up where Bush and Cheney leave off.

Paul Levinson

I disagree completely. Of course the debate was imperfect - but it was still a major breakthrough, a breath of fresh air, for the democratic process... http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2007/07/first-youtubecnn-presidential-debate.html


@Brendan: Doesn't it mean anything to you that the impeachment question was the single most popular question in the pre-debate viewer evaluations of the videos?

As MB said, the impeachment question met the stated criterion of the CNN gatekeepers -- it had separated itself from the rest -- and it could and should easily have replaced a number of videos shown that were just silly (which the gatekeepers probably felt necessary to include in order to keep the medium from being taken too seriously).


"[Edwards] made no mention of the second part of her question, which pertained to the use of impeachment to prevent executive branch abuses of future presidents - what many now consider the most important reason for this action."

Thanks so much for this followup, MB.

This is vital to internalize -- impeachment is about restoring the Constitution and our checks-and-balance, separated-powers form of government, which has been broken by this ruling regime and its rubberstamp supporters in Congress.

It is not a partisan effort; if it were, all the candidates would be eager to answer questions about it. It's just the reverse: those consumed with electoral possibilities are the ones most reluctant to face the impeachment question. Edwards didn't leave off the second part of that question by accident.

It's not about 'emotional satisfaction' or 'justice' for Bush and Cheney; it's about making sure that no future administration can claim the dangerously expanded powers that they do now.

It's not about revenge; it's about making sure that Congress is a meaningful branch of government.

If the only remedy for lawlessness on the part of the executive branch is voting it out, then every single issue and action becomes political, and more and more lawless actions will be taken in the name of politics.


MB, thanx for the update, as originally stated the question appears to have belonged in & probably should have stayed in the debate. But impeached or not, the "cure" for the major bushies is a date at the Hague and for the little fish, prosecution on corruption & FISA violations.

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